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One such Pillar in sink direction can control the effect of negative energy of sink zone.Due to specific metal it is connected to the specific planet and specific element.Due to its weight it adds a quality of earth element to sink zone,so that it absorbs this negative energy.Due to the addition of river pebbles it adds the divinity and grace to the matrix of positive deities.As per the Up-Peeth-Rachana metal lingams add sanctity to the environment .Raw turmeric has profound divinity to absorb all negative energy and establish the power of Jupiter in the zone.So it is a super divine technic to reestablish the energy-matter-equation of the Vaastu .Such one pillar in the sink zone forces the energy to travel in a mandalakar way by absorbing the anti clockwise loops of negative energy.


Vaastu course pune 1/2/3April

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Case study

Case study: The perimeter of the house projects out more to west direction ,leading to hyper excitation of the vibrations of sink direction.Vibrations of west lead to quarrels-disagreement-deterioration-disintegration.Particularly in this house a severe fault lies on the fire wind axis due to cuts in the southeast and extension in the northwest direction.Fire is a most intense element whereas wind is a powerful element,so when these two elements are disturbed in the house ,then whole eventology remains in a dangerous situation.The pattern of wind in the west zone is like a storm and the pattern of fire in the southeast zone is like an explosion,so when Fire-Wind-Axis is disturbed one should discard such house without any more trials and ill events to happen. North-East is the only direction which is connected to Shiva -Tatva ie ultimate divinity.Unfortunately this house has toilets to this sacred zone ,so it is classified as the polluted water element.In traditional language the cond


If ground is plane without slope to any direction,means all the directions have the same earth element.It means all directions and deities are silent due to equal contributions of vibrations by all sides.Still on such plane,dominance of vices of sink directions remain ,due to the hyper active nature of the sinking streams and matrix of deities of sinking zones;and due to double expression of the negative energy viz anti clockwise and hitting patterns.Hence for absorption of these negative currents and to stabilize the earth element in the sink zones ,the ritual of Vaastu-Naabhi is of prime importance.The Vaastu Nabhi Shanku-a form of Shiva acts as the connector-controller-conceiver of the vibrations of directions and the cycle -chakra of time. Sent from my iPhone > On 11-Mar-2016, at 2:17 PM, Dr.N.H.Sahasrabudhe < > wrote: > > DONOTMISS > Esoteric and Personal Vaastu course on 30-31 May/1-2 June in Moscow By Dr.N.H.Sahasrabuddhe.Vaast

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DONOTMISS Esoteric and Personal Vaastu course on 30-31 May/1-2 June in Moscow By Dr.N.H.Sahasrabuddhe.Vaastu-Mahaguru ..+91 9822011050 With totally new aspect of traditional Vaastu-Yoga-Astro theories to know the future and to address the fortune of your choices.Learn Chants-Meditations-Tantra-Yantra-related to planets-elements-deities-directions to capture your goal. .Contact for details: Saranagatidas on ‪+7 927 725‑41‑53‬ Sent from my iPhone > On 04-Mar-2016, at 3:31 PM, Dr.N.H.Sahasrabudhe < > wrote: > > > > <49bc3b418bb796818eb53170761abcca.jpg> > > > > <42493df38178e9de5073777fafa562d9.jpg> > > > > <c89de9b15041c1a3543e335279ff6b85.jpg> > > > > <38ef4ac935e737e6146e47554dcec699.jpg> > > > > <2df053af9e257b1f558143409e4c8595.jpg> > > > > <138e1cfc5cd20e73621340d186be

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Esoteric Vaastu and symbols

03/03/16, 9:18:27 AM: Narendra: Such symbols outside the house indicate and speak lot regarding the eventology and faults in the house.Basically broken soil pot is indicative of loss of earth element ,means faults in southwest zones.Here lies the big void of septic tank in the southwest zone.The bull with broken horn may indicate losses and faults related to southeast zone.Bull is representative symbol of power and Mars,so broken horn of bull indicates faults in southeast zone,here lies a big underground water tank to southeast zone.The owner lossed one son by dengue fever and other son did suicide due to deep frustration.In the house ,toilet is in east zone so polluted weak fire is the character of the house along with weak earth element .

Vaastu Interiors

02/03/16, 10:46:52 AM: Narendra: Such beautiful metal articles carry a positive energy of element-sacred geometry-planet.As the shape is connected to the element,metal is connected to planet as well to the aspiration of the direction and specific symbol is connected to the mind ;such articles have immense importance in improving the faulty zones of houses.If it is of silver and one sfatik lingam is added then it reinforces the north and northeast zones.If it is made of brass and blue lingam is added to it then it improves the vibrations of west-northwest zones.If such lotus is made in black or yellow stones and a yellow or brown lingam is added to it then it absorb the negative energies of sink zones.This is the way the subject of Vaastu interiors can be improved .

Esoteric Vaastu

01/03/16, 10:42:48 PM: Narendra: Such predominant circular form in the west or northwest zone of the house represents a hyper vibrations of wind element.It represents an extension to Northwest or west zones which leads to hyper wind vibrations.When such sequence of form and element with direction is matched then in the esoteric Vaastu it represents hyper power to that element ;indicative of mahadosha or severe fault in the direction of that element.The powerful red color on the symbol which represents fire element ;is indicative of unification of two powerful elements viz wind and fire.Unification of fire element on the 180 degree orbit or shift of the fire symbol on 180 degree reflects Atibal-intense stroke of fire from southeast zone.When any symbol appears at 180 degrees by crossing the brahmasthan ;then it has a tremendous force that can break the house with a cosmic meaning. This Bunglow has large extension to northwest and anti clockwise entry from southeast zone.That is how by r