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2.Sandalwood :It stands for exception to it's class as the wood .As wood promotes fire but applications of the sandalwood promote cooling effect in fevers .Its smell has given a divinity and hence it is used in all rituals .This wood is slow growing ,heavy, yellow, and fine-grained, and, unlike many other aromatic woods, they retain their fragrance for decades.Due to its long standing aromatic virtue it is applied to the bodies of the saints before Samadhi. It is said that Goddess Laxmi stays in the sandalwood tree. In Buddhist traditions; Sandalwood scent is believed to transform the desires and maintain the alertness in meditation. In jain traditions,saints bless the devotees by putting the sandalwood powder on their heads ,as the carrier of the divine message ,named as the vascape. Astrologically sandalwood is connected to the moon .So when mixed with the turmeric powder and saffron it gives effect like the Gajkesari yoga .So everyday who puts this mixed paste on the forehe


In tantra vaastu , 1. If three betelnuts are buried to east ,one with turmeric colour,one with cow ghee on top and one with Sindur on top with relevant mantras then will give vibrations of the lords of 1-5-9 signs ie mars-sun-Jupiter.Amongst three betelnuts ,one can use the vibrations of the mantras of mars-sun-jupiter according to missing power of the planet in the birth chart . According to the planet ,it is advised to use coin of the relevant metal below the betel nut . Or all the three betelnuts can be established with chants related to Aryama by Sour-Sukta. To establish the deity Indra use silver coin as the base ,for Surya division use gold coin ,for Satya division use copper coin .Instead of coins ,one can use Lingams of relevant metals. 2.If seven betel nuts are buried to west then will act as Sapt-Matrukas to protect the house.Yogeshvari controls the desire .Maheshvari controls the anger.Vashnavi controls the lust.Brahmani controls the over pride.Koumari removes the illus

||Chid Vastu ||

🌺Sahasra-Mahavaastu 🌺 1.Camphor: It is normally white in colour ,so it represents water element.Many times in its purest form it is transparent so it is light promotive and has virtues of sky element.Hence it is used in the magic mixture to add divinity to the surroundings.If it is kept open in the air ,it gets sublimated ,means unifies with the wind and the ether.So it contains divine qualities.Normally anything gets liquified before sublimation ,so it is a special virtue of it's connectivity to the ether.It is the product from trees ,so it is organic .It cleanses the environment by attack on virus and bacteria.It has a nice smell.It is used in aayurvedik medicines as the cooling agent .It has fast relation to the fire element though it has cooling properties .Such multifold exceptional properties have given a unique place to the camphor in rituals and medicines.Camphor is waxy-flammable-transparent solid with strong aroma.It's fragrant and penetrating Odor has given medici


Ling Bhairavi

🌺Sahasra-Mahavaastu 🌺 1.Ishanya-Ling-Bhairavi Ishanya Ling Bhairavi : Here the lingam is formed by the deity Shikhi ,so it should be pink in colour .As it is the deity of the northeast represents Ishvar Shiva as the Jyoti to form the lingam,so jyotirlingam.Where as the base as yoni can be in silver metal with lunar shaped helix as the element of the northeast is water element.The central beej on which the pink lingam stands could be Humm.So the vibrations of this Humm beej ascends through the pink lingam .The Up Peeth can be formed by a white marble lotus of eight petals with relevant eight Mantra beejas.The base plateform named as the mool peeth could be in yellow onyx stone with square shape and relevant Mantra beejas in the four corner.The central Lingam can be formed of silver metal with a dot of gold on top as the crown.Up peeth can be little concave to contain the water as the Ganga representing Aap-AapVatsa deities. Such assembly can be the a powerful remedy on all faults

N.H.S Shiva Sutras.



N.H.S. Vaastu Purusha Mandala Devatas

Weird husbands

🌺Sahasra-Mahavaastu 🌺 16.WEIRD-HUSBANDS: Many times if situation in the house happens as follows then such males are weak in attitude -physical performance.This situation leads to disturbed married life.Such people engage themselves in some religious or charity or social organisations,and try to remain away from house. If in the house east contains water body ,east is closed,southeast has balcony and hyper streaming of the north zone lies in the house then such situation may happen that disturb the personal life of the gruhsvami.In such cases this weakness in males happens due to irregular cycles of the hormones.This irregularity creat mood swings that leads to irritation in actions. Such people have flickering mind and are victimised due to fear syndrome in life.There behaviour is like a debilitated and Saturn-Rahu aspected moon people.Confusion-carelessness-contradiction is very common in their behaviour. Such people have two faces ,one obedient service oriented face lies in

Weird husbands

🌺Sahasra-Mahavaastu 🌺 11.WEIRD-HUSBANDS: The colonel from pune killed his wife and the watchman ,around 7 years back.The case study is worth to note the Vaastu faults .Basically the flat has east west length with top floor .This disturb the relation with the Sun due to the projection of the entire roof to the scorching sun.This flat lies near the airport so noise pollution due to planes distort the sacred geometry of the energy in the surroundings.Scorching radiation of the Sun raise the intensity of the fire element,which possibly make the person violent and weird in action.When relationship with light and sound gets disturbed automatically that house becomes the battle field and not the home. Explosive fire element in the house totally disturb the ego and self balance.It disturb the matrix of deities of the east and southeast zone leading to suspicious nature and eccentric behaviour like the effect of the Uranus . The extended southwest due to terrace gives imbalance of the e

Weird husbands

🌺Sahasra-Mahavaastu 🌺 7.WEIRD-HUSBANDS: Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging techniques are used to find the genetic testing procedures.Obviously all those houses which have disturbed bio magnetic grid due the viprit sour sandarbha ie distorted relation with the Sun may show some faults in the genetic order leadin to odd behaviour,which gets stamped as the weird husbands. Being psychopaths means having antisocial personality disorder ;which happens when in the house the content of prana is less and in birth chart it reflects by debilitated Jupiter along with Saturn-Mars conjunction or Mars-Rahu conjunction . When the purity of the consciousness and the knowledge of the self are missing then the tendencies towards crime get activated.In vaastu ,when Savita-Savitru deities get disturbed then it may lead to criminal records as these two deities represent the purity and the strength of the knowledge. Savita-Savitru deities form the nucleus of the southeast matrix of the deities and

Weird Husbands

🌺Sahasra-Mahavaastu 🌺 1.WEIRD-HUSBANDS: It is said in yogashastra that men contain one extra Naadi than women.If the basic nature is twisted then this extra Naadi gets distorted and creat the situation that explains men as the weird husbands. The base of manhood lies in activity with force-strength-intensity ,hence when any of these three things get accelerated or get weakened then that behaviour stamps you as the weird husband. Balanced expression of the self is a myth in humans.Around this myth the concept of weirdism keeps rotating.Even the Lord Krishna ,who is stamped as the Complete Man-Poorna Purusha ;But in his life he did not got that appreciation at all neither from his men nor by his wives too.Challenges of the present world are much serious and complicated that even a god takes a birth ,god will get stamped as the weird husband. One good thing regarding the present generation whose age range is 25 to 40 is that both wheels of the family ie wife and husband are taking

Weird husbands

🌺Sahasra-Mahavaastu 🌺 2.WEIRD-HUSBANDS: Men with Uranus in first house of the birth chart are possibly weird husbands but their weirdness is not that bad as it would be because of the Rahu in the mars sign.Uranus in first house indicates a fault in the southeast zone ,like say southeast entry or depression in the southeast .Where as the Rahu is significator of the force and violence ,so it reflects the southeast vithishula in the vaastu . Uranus is natural eccentric but Rahu stands as eccentric with a perfect plan .So When aspiration of the east is weak then it is the play of the Uranus .And when there lies forceful intense situations then it is the plan of Rahu . The forceful pattern of energy can break the central zone means ultimately it leads to a type of self destruction by a wrong behaviour with the people and the surroundings. Uranus affected husbands do not follow the solar discipline in their daily routine.This disorder becomes problem in the family life leading to th