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Toilets zone effect

TOILETS ZONES EFFECTS 1. TOILET TO NORTHEAST The dirt and the northeast zone are like enemies as this is the direction that keeps the divinity and the sacredness of the entire Vaastu Purusha Mandala. Even this zone has more importance than the Brahmsthan as the role of the Brahmsthan is quite passive . Unless the Ruby is planted in the Brahmsthan; the activation does not happen. But the northeast zone which is assigned to the deity Iesha acts as the Corona of the divinity; because of this deity all other deities find their aura . Since the continuous flame expression of the divine fire element named as the Shikhi ; purifies the water element named by Aap-Aapvatsa deities ; the energetics of the Vaastu Purusha Mandala gains the mandalacar form . So if the nectar becomes the poison then it will disturb all the deities of the Vaastu Purusha Mandala ; so toilet to northeast is like the severe most fault of the Vaastu. As toilet signifies pollution; which denotes planet Rahu and plan

Kitchen Zone Effects

KITCHEN-ZONE-EFFECTS *1. Kitchen to north * North gets loaded due to kitchen stone platform-trollies-fridge-ovens . It forms a severe fault as it absorbs the organic streams of the north and reduce the content of the Chandra-Ida nadi . It may lead to loss of health in ladies and loss of wealth and opportunities in gents. Since north acts as the wish pond this load and metal content of the kitchen keeps the desires hanging . Metal content is a combination of the vibrations of the Saturn and Rahu ; which are enemies of the moon of the north . Heat generated evaporates the content of the water element of the north so the showers of blessings do not happen in the Aap-Aapvatsa of the next direction ie to the northeast direction. So hopes of the cloud move towards the northwest ; where lies the Naag and the Rog divisions . So the vibrations of these northwest divisions create the psychological despair in the life ; specially this happens in the life of the ladies as they are connected to