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Haunted houses

*Haunted houses* 1. All those houses where accidents happen very often are tagged as the haunted houses .This happens because vaastu faults are faults in the shield of the consciousness and when this shield gets tore then the consciousness looses its quality of focusing on the present moment .This loss of quality of consciousness creates the disparity in the thought and the action ; which leads to the accidents mostly . So just sacred pebbles to Southeast-South-Southwest with related colours and muhurtha could be the answer . Pebble to contain the sacred betel nut-lingams and related chidvastus. Pebbles available to office . Chirayu 9762401234 1A. The type of river pebble and related chidvastus with charging mantras and muhurtha depends on the complaints of the occupants and faults in the house . The whole subject being holistic ; a practical mind may deny but the pain persists ; so wisdom lies in following the this integrated Vaastu system which is interwoven by the threads of th

Haunted houses

2. The modern so called scientific and logical mind does not believe in the existence of the consciousness that lies beyond the known faculties of the self . But in Vedik philosophy this consciousness is termed as Samvitti or can be translated as the Cosmic order . This is the natural instinct behind every happening and whenever there lies disturbance in this cosmic order then it leads to it's shadow termed as negative energy. Any tree-any leaf -any flower if minutely observed ; it reflects this order and discipline ; which is termed as the reflection of the sacred geometry. So whenever this geometry breaks then the something odd -disorder begins. This is termed as the form analysis in the vaastushastra. So if the plot is merged in the form of the sacred geometry ie cosmic intelligence; the house constructed gets merged in the geometry of that plot ; then that form of the house signifies the cosmic order ; where blissful beginning and sacred ending is assured to the occupants. Th


4. Waves of energy signify the mandalas and vortex of energy indicate the voids. Mandalas are connected to the Aaditya-Soma-Isha-Brahma .Vortex and voids are connected to the Bhrusha-Yama-Nirhut-Pitru-Asuras. Mandalas create the abodes of auspicious deities and vortex and voids are occupied and encroached by the negative powers which are the activities of the past tense ie spirits and Patalas. The whole concept of Vaastu is related to the human life ; to explain that this holistic theory is based on the figure of the Vaastu Purusha with a complete human form . Similarly there lies astrological explanation on the image of the Kaal Purusha . Both these cosmic entities are based on the vibrations of the directions; which keeps changing as per the transit planets and as per the alignment to the directions. The subject story is related to the macrocosm when it speaks without a definite form ie say the Vaastu -a house . When the image is loaded on the limited Vaastu or the house then it'