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Haunted house

31.Since on the north south axis there lies Soma and Yama deities ; this axis has immense importance in the paranormal activity in the houses. Whenever there lies polluted north by toilets-septik tanks it acts like the conjunction of Rahu and moon . If simultaneously there lies aggressive attack of south energy then in that house ; there are chances of the paranormal activity that may lead to victimisation of the man by accident and sacrifice of the women by some disease. If houses checked from this aspect ; one finds such symptoms. 32.Astrology becomes a guiding factor many times in the Vaastu ; as predictions is the purpose of it. Where as destiny management by remedies becomes the purpose of vaastu as its related to the corrections.Activation of the spirits happens through the mind like the conjunction of the moon and Rahu or Saturn and moon in the birthchart. So whenever aggression of the southern forces happen on the property then it contracts the deity Soma ; which is like the

Haunted house

16. Trees are living entities with deep down roots in the soil. Roots of trees spread deep under the soil and suck the minerals from soil .Wood unless burnt becomes a sucker of soil and when burnt becomes the ash that is form of soil .This is the reason that trees should not overshadow the house and may create the Vedha ie obstruction in the aura of tha house as they disturb the quality of the surrounding soil. Cracks created by these roots in the homogeneous rhythm and continuum of the soil becomes the connectivity to the Patala ; which is home of entities ie yonis like Asuras-Nagas-Spirits . Normally haunted houses are surrounded in very close vicinity by such huge old trees. 17. In all haunted houses the play is of shadows and forming of pressure on psyche. As experienced and treated by Ed and Lorraine Warren they have gone through active- dynamic- destructive forces of spirits in their life time work on this subject. Probably when some active doctor indulges in such cases th

Haunted Houses

*Haunted houses* 1. All those houses where accidents happen very often are tagged as the haunted houses .This happens because vaastu faults are faults in the shield of the consciousness and when this shield gets tore then the consciousness looses its quality of focusing on the present moment .This loss of quality of consciousness creates the disparity in the thought and the action ; which leads to the accidents mostly . 2. The modern so called scientific and logical mind does not believe in the existence of the consciousness that lies beyond the known faculties of the self .These faculties which are beyond the realm of the known part of the self are dealt by Shastras like Astrology-Vaastu-Tantras-occult powers and many experiences in the each person's life. 3. Particularly in the field of Tantra the mentions of Bhairavas-Rudras-Kinnaras-Gandharvas -Ganas of Shiva -Daityas-Asuras signify many other yonis or part of the whole consciousness ie the ocean of the Chetana .In the p