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Online Vaastu Courses

30/05/17, 12:28:12 PM: Narendra Sahasrabuddhe: Sahasra Maha-Vaastu to start online courses 30/05/17, 12:28:26 PM: Narendra Sahasrabuddhe: Total 100 levels 30/05/17, 12:28:34 PM: Narendra Sahasrabuddhe: 3hours each 30/05/17, 12:28:58 PM: Narendra Sahasrabuddhe: So total knowledge package of 300 hours Sent from my iPhone

Senior Vaastu Expert Datta Narvane in my office on 23/5/17


With Dr Vijay Patvardhan International Intuitionist and Chiro of this century Palmist



22/05/17, 12:44:40 PM: N H Sahasrabuddhe: वास्तू-योग-ज्योतिष-संगीत और आयुर्वेद ये भारतीय दर्शनशास्त्रके पॉंच उपांग माने जाते हैं। 22/05/17, 12:46:32 PM: N H Sahasrabuddhe: योगशास्त्रसे मनकल्प ,आयुर्वेदसे कायाकल्प तथा वास्तुशास्त्रसे भाग्यकल्प होता है। 22/05/17, 12:48:20 PM: N H Sahasrabuddhe: स्पंदन-लहरें-ध्वनी-प्रकाश ये इन महाशास्त्रोंका पायाभूत अंग है। Sent from my iPhone


20/05/17, 10:44:35 PM: N H Sahasrabuddhe: Such metal articles to west regulate vibrations of Saturn Venus Mercury

Secrets of Vaastu translated in Russian language




Dubai-Vaastu-Course 19-20 May

04/05/17, 10:40:12 AM: N H Sahasrabuddhe: Give ur two days and u won't forget me in ur life.I have authored more than 20 books on Vaastu.I am coming to Dubai Do not miss my vaastu intro course on 19-20 May . Vedic vaastushastra as pro founded by 18 Maharishi makes the total correction in the vibrations of planets -elements-deities-directions-energy by simple remedies like colours-herbs-plants-forms-panelling-metals -stones-mirrors-crystals -rituals etc. As aayurveda leads to kayakalp Yogeshastra leads to Mankalp So vaastushastra leads to Bhagykalp...To learn corrections in your sweet home do not miss this course. Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe +91 9822011050 04/05/17, 10:40:12 AM: N H Sahasrabuddhe: Local Dubai Contacts 0552107078 04-3609028 Sent from my iPhone

Tantra -Vaastu

27/04/17, 5:57:04 PM: Chirayu Nasik 26 March: Yantra serves as the physical phenomenon body of the deity. Mantra acts as a breathe that energises the yantra and rhythm to the deity ,when yantra and mantra unite together it leads to tantra and gives a living visual appearance to the deity. In vaastushastra when a house is constructed with the tenets of the vaastu mandalas , the form leads to multiple ascending channels of energy, when these ascending channels create positive confluence they create the frequency similar to mantra, this sound is called as " Swara Siddhi" i.e. rhythmic breathe viz. Hum, Sum, Shum, Shhum, Om these divine sounds establish the matrix of deities in vaastu purush mandala, vaastu purush mandala contains the deities of 3 states of existence with different karmic relationship as in horoscope 1st house represents present time 5th house represents past time and 9th house represents future time, similarly Southern zones represents Past time Centra

Vaastu Course Dubai