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21. If the basement is to the south as well there lies severe fault like more site margin to west ; or more travel of light from west or a well formation due to the three prong staircase then it's a severe fault . As it has activated the vibrations of west and south both and both are sink directions; so it's effect will be severe on the occupants. But since due to north zone of the globe ; it's effects will not be that severe as it may happen in the tropical countries . In the tropical countries; the negative effects may start in the first five years itself . In the north zone of the globe it's effects may start after around 7 to 10 years. Due to low temperatures; the poison arrows get diluted in the north zone where as due to the scorching Sun ; these forces become more intense in the tropical countries. So in the analysis of the American houses , more focus should be given on the east-west axis ie on the axis of prana . That's why the yoga techniques and breathi