Event Manifest

When we speak of event manifest ;actually though events happen in the external surroundings,it's real happening is related to your inner being .So just the material gains is not the purpose of these oriental sciences but it aims to do the total revolution in your way of thinking and actions by revolutionizing the four pillars of your consciousness.And if such revolution happens then that is the real change that connects you to the cosmic will and divine choice.If say that it happens fast by yogshastra then one can say that it happens quite passively by vaastushastra;as travel of Vaastu begins from outer spaces to the inner being and not as it directly happens by yogshastra with its only connectivity to inner spaces.Thats why by Vaastu,one starts experiencing the abundance in the material practical world first and slowly changes the four pillars of consciousness.So to enjoy this revolution of event manifest ,in remedies it's beneficial to supplement it by allied shastras like Yoga-Jyotish-Sangeet-Mantra-Ayurveda.

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