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1)The whole subject is related to the star value of the personal cosmic wavelength .That's why resetting the surroundings to creat this vibration of personal star is the Art of Ayadhi Calculations.
2) Each element has a specific shape-colour -planet connectivity ,through which it creates the waveforms in the surroundings and whole surrounding may get dominated by that element .When chants-pranayama-kriyaa is performed in such surroundings ,it has deeper effects in the consciousness .This powerful change is possible through the Yantras, which emanate and spread a specific waveform to engross the surrounding .
3) Each planet is also connected to each person in a specific relation ,so that auspicious stones -elemental classification of that planet-plant connected to that planet ;are all wonderful remedies that can be used in the understanding of the Ayadhi-Calculations.
4) Each constellation is connected to the specific deity which renders and is connected to the waveforms .So chants-Muhurthas-Anushthanas in front of the form of that deity gives nice results ;actually same logic is implied in the Ayadhi-Calculations.
5) Formation of the energy grid in the surrounding protects the asymmetries of any energy forms.So correction in the ratio proportions is also a part of Ayadhi -Calculations.
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> Breath cycles are dependent on the combination of space-voids in the surroundings.Your intellectual attainment and psychological balance depends on your breath cycles ;so it depends on surroundings ,means it is connected to Vaastu too.In traditional Vaastu it is explained on the basis and terminology related to five great elements and deities,of which the excitation depends on the quality of vibrations of the surrounding ,means it's connected to breath cycles too.
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