Astro Vaastu

07/06/17, 8:44:17 AM: Nasik prashant shimpi 17Dec: Nature is a continuum in which we cannot separate the human body from the cosmic body. In the same way in astrology a mysterious link between planets and individual is observed to define human life. Vaastu shashtra deals as a bridge between inner spaces of being and outer spaces of natural order. Inner spaces come under the control and constraints of yoga shashtra. Outer spaces are covered under astrological knowledge through its media of 27 constellations , 12 signs of zodiac, 9 planets and their corelation. A miniature reflection of immensity of nature in the inner spaces of human being through mirror of vaastu, channels the energy streams.Vibrations ,waves , sound and light are the four parameters which defines everything in this world . This four parameters are used in Vaastu science to rectify and reinforce the qualities of a house and plot. In vedic astrology , a famous chart called Avakhada chakra gives correlation of colors, metals and plants with th five great elements, planets and directions. Qualities of planets and five great elements, related plants and colors could be used to reinforce the vibrations of pspecific directions. Astrology in a way helps Vaastushastra in adding virtues to Vaastu through this novel field of remedial measures. 12 houses of horoscope point towards 12 imaginary parts of sky , which are classified in 5 great elements and planets.

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