🌺SahasraMahavaastu:🌺 🌸Vaastu-Mystica🌸 Going back to the source is the real journey and all outward travels are illusion .Travel of thought creat the outer world ,which has pattern-content of earth-descend and cycles of Time.Whereas going to the source of thought ,to transcend the earthly ties ,to break the pattern and discipline,and to join the order of existence is the right transformation from earth-thought-gravity to ether-Energy and light .This can happen by clockwise-PoornBahu streaming which is against the nature of the solar system ;which exhibit the anti-clockwise pattern in all its motions.Clockwise-Purn bahu-Mandalacar streaming of energy and the self is the base of Vaastushastra.🏠 Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe 9822011050

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