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Numbers :Numbers play a great role in our life ,right from our birth.If you are first child then you are a precious god gift.In family if you are a son then this firstness shines more.If you are a first daughter then you are treated as the Maa Laxmi.
If you are second then sometimes you are most lovely if you are on in family after first daughter ,again you are first as the son .
Likewise these numbers matter a different spirit in the life.The first is A1 and last is YZ.
Go on adding one leads to the next number,so one is the guide to travel in a linear way .Where as go on adding Two leads to a jumping experience by avoiding the next linear entity .So two has denial and as well acceptance ie Sankalp and Vikalp .Which is the definition of the mind ,so Two is equated to moon ie mind .
One has no choice ,it has to go in queue and routine.It has to follow the set pattern which is seen in the nature of the Sun ,so Sun is equated to number One.As the whole system begins with one and the Sun So one is equated to Sun.
One is unique as ; if you add or subtract one from anything it changes its polarity as the odd or even.If you add one to any number or subtract one from any number then it becomes odd if it's even and it becomes even if it is odd.So every where one stands as the power to decide the polarity and existence of that self .So one is equated to the soul and the Sun.
So there is no choice to one and simultaneously it exists because there is the next .If there would not have the next then that one will not have any value.Concluding that each number has a some kind of dependence on the others and the surroundings.
This one changes its effects and characters according to its sequence with the other numbers.One with two and one with three are entirely different in their chemistry and nature .As salt added to sugar will not make sense and added to the lime will creat the taste ,likewise this sequence of the numbers plays the role in the life.

🌺Sahasra-Mahavaastu 🌺2)Magic of numbers:Formation of each number happens by contribution of sub-numbers;so it contains different shades of the elements and planets.Though we say number three but it contains a combination of one and two .Sometimes one is more active then the number three represents Jupiter in Sagittarius and when two is active then the same Jupiter may give results as Jupiter in cancer or Pisces .Each combination of one and two and two with one leading to three ; carries a different meaning and effects.So when one thinks on this line then one enters in the serious depth of the subject which has connectivity to planets -elements and signs of zodiac too.But it is a subtle science that operates with multiple dimensions and lot of hidden meanings,so it needs the esoteric approach while implementation.
🌈Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe

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