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Organics of Body Mind Intellect:
Thyroid problems are related to your throat region and lies in the joint of northeast and brahma division of the vaastu Purusha Mandala.Particularly when the rhythm in the body gets disturbed it leads to this problem.Even the scientists say that unsatisfied will-desire is the cause of this disharmony.'.
So when your god particles do not travel through the brahma division then they start travelling in the anti-clockwise form ,which reduces their positive motive and they enter in the negative mode.
This loss of rhythm of the light-sky-energy creat the irritations in the every act of the life.This continuous irritation and unsatisfaction is the root cause of all irregular secretions in the body ,which creates such imbalances.
Particularly the Rasa dhatu is related to the north zone .So whenever Northeast gets disturbed then it's negative currents start streaming in the counterclockwise path ,then they disturb the deities of the north zone .The deities of the north zone are connected to the mind by deity Soma and to discipline and order by the deity Bhudhar.Disturbed order of life and stressed mind cause all this situation of imbalance and wrong secretions, which causes the similar diseases-impurities-infections .
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