1) Understanding of the subtle variations in the energy are connected to the subtle organic entities like mind-emotions-desires-thoughts-cosmic alignment-.Unfortunately till this date all these subtle entities related to human aspect are beyond the purview of the present state of the scientific world .
But when one sees the effects of the no moon and full moon night on the psyche of the person ,interns of the change in the organics and the behaviours; one has to believe in the theories put up by the ancient sages regarding the Eclipse.
One can not precipitate oneself to the fix conclusions as loudly promoted by the neo socialist scientific community ,proposing failures in all conclusions of our ancient shastras ;as shastras are much deeper and speak regarding the subtle energies and their effects in the practical world with frame of comprehensive logic and practical observations.
For example in some horoscope ,there lies Saturn in the Aries means fire element is compressed due to Saturn ;and it's reflection in the vaastushastra can be observed by polluted and weak fire element.If statistically one observe then he finds it's reflection atleast to four out of ten houses .In other six cases it's reflection may happen in some other faculties if the person and the life .
Similarly the effects of the Eclipse will never be same to each person .
After all all these shastras are definite but are connected to the possibilities too ;so they are said as science of possibilities .
Effects of anything are at three levels namely physical phenomenal -psychological-spiritual ;out of which the physical phenomenal effects are admitted by this neo socialist so called scientific community.All other subtle effects-connections-relationship are denied by these people as they deny the subtle world of entities .

2) Moon eclipse happens on the no moon night ,as the earth casts shadow on the moon .In this period earth stands between the Sun and the moon ,so that it forms its effect-shadow on the moon.So it's aggression of the vibrations of the gross earth element on the all the virtues and qualities of the moon happens in this period .As we know the Pournimant ie chart on the exact moment of the full moon has prolonged effect for next one month minimum ,this caging of moon vibrations on the full moon night by the huge gross earth will have ill effects mainly on the water element ie 4-8-12 signs and in general on all minds to some extent.Though it is the time of the full moon but a sudden break due to eclipse acts like a shock in its grace and streaming of moon Ida naadi ,which is not a good indication as regards the eventology in general .This break in the moon grace is the conjunction of the moon and the Rahu in the astrological significance .
As such every month there will be conjunction of the moon and the Rahu ,but during eclipse period ,sun -moon-earth fall in the same plane so in that period this conjunction of the moon and the Rahu will give severe effects ,during which the gross earth will absorb all the grace of the moon streams.
This will be a difficult period for all those people who stay in the houses with toilets-heavy earth loads to the north and the northeast zones .When the cosmic water element gets polluted due to the earth then all those houses may suffer which have faults to the north-northeast zones.
People with weak moon in the birth chart will may have a critical time in the moon eclipse.They need to maintain their rhythm by ritual-breathing exercise-chants .All the rituals are connectivity to the genetical order by the vibrations of sound and light .It leads to realignment with the forefathers and their existence ; when they cross the physical limitations from this earth .Astrologically Rahu is the genetical connection with the family and the forefathers ,so it's voids when get connected to the spaces of the moon there lies the possibility of some break and stroke .With this understanding the ancient scholars have suggested the breathing techniques-rituals-nyasas-chants.

4) As on the eleventh day of the lunar month ie on the Ekadashi Tithi ; it is suggested to observe the fast and focus on the chants-meditation-worship
as all the eleven doors of the human and cosmic faculty are in one axis and plane ;so that if one sits in meditation -fasting-worship to align the ascending kundalini and Sushubhna to the Sahasrar then the easy frictionless path welcomes the person as the eleven doors of the Vaikuntha are open and are in one axis on that day .
As the eleventh day is the Nanda Tithi and prathameshtika signifies availability of the Agni in the environment and fasting means activating the divine fire in the first chakra ;the reference of Ekadashi has great importance in the spiritual activity.
Frictionless alignment of all the faculties of the person is the purpose of observing certain rules and rituals ;which have many dimensions of vaastu-yoga-Jyotish together.
The reference of eleven doors is connected to the five senses in the human body -five great elements in the surroundings and the eleventh is the Mind .When all these Tatvas get aligned together means the unification of the cosmic and the personal Sushubhna happens and the change of consciousness is naturally in the positive process.
The fasting of 48 hours with continuous attention to the deity ;along with the chants with Musical notes signifying the Naad Brahm means merging to the path that takes oneself to the Vaikuntha, when all doors are in perfect alignment,is the secret of the Ekadashi Tithi.

3) The period of eclipse is called as " Punya Parva" means most auspicious period in the ancient literature.It is said that any ritual-chants-daan one does in this period he gets ten fold positive effect of that deed.There lies the yogik reason to all these sayings .As we know the most visible deities like moon-sun-earth come in one plane and in one axis ,the activation of the cosmic Sushubhna nadi happens in the whole surroundings,actually it happens everyday while sunset and sunrise too .During the change of the cosmic nadi from Ida to Pingala and vice versa for a short period this activation of the central Brahm Nadi happens ,of which the other name is Sushubhna .In the yogshastra it is specifically mentioned that at personal level when one experience the activation of the Brahma Nadi ,one should focus on the Adnya Chakra and meditate a while .In this period there lies possibility of the Keval-Kumbhak.The state of the keval kumbhaka is the highest state of yoga ,which becomes possible to some extent in the period when whole surrounding lies in a state of the Brahma Nadi during the eclipse period ;so this period is called as the " Punya-Parva" ;the most auspicious time.
When Sun-Moon-Earth lie in a one plane and one axis then due to the effect of this gross earth element,cancellation of the cosmic Ida and Pingala streams happen leading to the vibrations of the Madhya-Brahm -Nadi ,so it is the period to activate the Sushubhna at the individual personal level ;so that one can attain the maximum yogik benefit of the unification of the personal and cosmic reality .
So anybody meditating on the place where "hill to the south and river to the north " is the situation ;while the eclipse period ;then facing north while meditation will give maximum benefit of the place-space-muhurtha-nadi.

5) Solar eclipse happens on the no moon day when moon blocks the solar path to earth .The shadow of the moon on the Sun forms the Sun eclipse .Earth-Moon-Sun when get aligned in one axis and one plane then the eclipse happens ,
"Whenever a sudden obstruction happens in any streaming then it leads to lot of disturbances in many related systems "is the simple theorem applicable to physical phenomenal world too.
It's subtle effects are beyond the realm of the Newtonian physics .
In the field of the aadhidaivik and aadhyatmik fields ie psychological and spiritual fields ,Sun signifies the total existence of all the living entities and nonliving things.So any such sudden change in the flux of the Sun will enter in to all the related systems and will create some malefic effect too.
When moon gets burnt by the Sun in the sun eclipse,it may lead to delusions-hallucinations-thought disorders in case of weak psyche.Weak psyche is reflected in the houses with hyper excitation of west along with the polluted prana ie toilets in the east zone.
Whenever Sun and Rahu are perfect conjunction then it reduces the grace of the Sun ,means there could be some genetical faults ie Pitru Dosha .So the houses with faults in the southwest and the Brahmsthan will suffer during and for next six months after the solar eclipse.
In all such cases ,wisdom lies in keeping Nairutya Ling Bhairavi to the southwest zone along with some golden colour pebbles around .If lot of light enters the house from south-southwest zones then atleast use yellow film to these glasses of windows,so that this negative streaming gets blocked immediately.
Establishing one good quality ruby at the Center of the house ,atleast six months prior to eclipse should be done to strengthen the Brahmsthan.

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