Vaastu Lecture

Dear Students/faculties 09/08/2020

We are in the learning process of Divine Science. Our ancient Sciences like Ayurveda, Astrology, Yog Shastra, Vaastu, Vedic karmakand, environment Science etc all are interlinked, for the evolution of the soul. It is a journey from birth to rebirth.

From Today's Dr. Narendra H Sahasrabuddhe Sir's lecture, we all have realised our own status, where we stand in our studies and where we have to reach?
We have realised that we can't take any decision from one angle, that is sure.

For your future reference, we are sharing today's lecture link.

I hope you will go through it many times, to get a clear idea. Application of ancient Sciences in the Modern era left on us.

Sharad C Joshi Vice Principal

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