Vaastu notes

*Head to South while sleeping *
Body contains all over neurones and head is the ocean of the neurones. Neurones have north sensitivity; so while sleeping with head to south ;the entire system of neurones gets aligned towards the feet ie away from the head .So the thought gets submerged in the thoughtless state ;that helps to enter in the sleep.
*Upanishad * says that soul entry is ftom head ie sahasrar and prana entry is from feet . So if you sleep with legs to north then the jaivik urja enters from these doors and bring a cooling medium ; leads to cooling of the organic system of the body.
If one sleeps with head to north then this jaivik urja hits the head and disturbs the ocean of neurones.
*Head to the east while sleeping *
East is the source of prana and if head remains in the mandalas of the prana then it attains the tranquility . Where as the feet signify the Apana ie west direction. So in sleep when head is east and feet are to the west then the balancing of the Nabhi chakra and solar plexus happens automatically. Solar plexus is the knot that creates the balancing of the breaths ; that leads to the psychological rhythm and intellectual synchronicity.
*Legs to the south *
Then the doors of prana open to the yama that sucks the prana leading to derailment of the yogik powers of the brain. Due to streaming of electromagnetic flux from *north to south *it forces out the mandalas of the prana ; to the deity Yama ; leading to loss of memory due to the shortage of the prana in the brain. This whole alignment is against the holistic system of organics if the four pillars of the consciousness that increases the excitation of the emotional quotient and reduction in the intellectual abilities.
*Hence head to the south *
*Head to the west *
then the subatomic particles from the west hits the cerebra ; and divide the consciousness that leads to the fragmentation of the intellectual faculty .West is the zone were moon dooms on no moon night and sun dooms everyday ; so is sinking direction that contributes the sinking to the person. At night saturn and Rahu are more active and pour their divisive -deteriorating vibrations to the surrounding of the west zone. West is ruled by Saturn and Rahu as it contains the star of Rahu and as Saturn rules where Sun dooms. So person sleeping with head to west gets connected to the Tamas of Saturn and Rahu . Saturn contracts and Rahu pollutes the brain.
* Hence no head to west *
Vaastu is the solution on the blocks of the Prarabdha and on the cycles of karma ; as the cleansing of the consciousness by natural streams happens in the Vaastu.Hence the 18 ancient sages have given birth to this divine science as the means to release the person from the tie of the karma and Prarabdha to some extent. Vaastu dilutes the vibrations of the transit planets by reorganising the elements around you and the centrifugal forces formed dispel the forces of the transit planets.Matrix of deities in the Vaastu Purusha mandal creates the aura that acts as the shield that protects from the Akal Mrutyu and all types of diseases.

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