Vaastu Purush Mandala
*Sixth Division*
The sixth division on each side has some connections to the paranormal experience in any house . This sixth division is on the extreme right side of all the main directions; so this division is connected to the energy as well to the element. If any fault lies in this division then it has malific effect on the streaming as well on the emergence of the connected element.For east this division is Satya ; for south this division is Gandharva; for west this division is Asura and for north this division is Charaka. Any fault in the Satya division disconnects the house from divine expression of the truth and the Brahma. Being on the right side ; it signifies the Pingala streams which are hard and tough in their effects. As the forth division relates to the good news ; so this sixth division signifies the malific events in the life if are disturbed.
Any fault in the Gandharva division creates ambiguity in the behaviour leading to wrong untimely actions in the life.
Since this zone is termed as Sringar Shala ie place of romance ; so any fault in this division may lead to breaks in the romance due to health issues to occupant .
Sometimes this being the sixth division and as it signifies the force of Pingala streams ; faults in this division may lead to dual personality that may lead to violence while the romance.
The reason of the break in romance depends on other faults in the connected divisions and zones. For example some shool like energy may lead to violent nature. Some water effects in the southeast zone may lead to loss of male hood in the occupant . Polluted water element may lead to diseases and allergies in ladies ; that becomes the cause of break of romance.
All these absurdities in the occupants are due to encroachment of the vibrations of the Vikshep deities ; which represents the unsatisfied souls and desires.In some case studies it is notified that while romance that lady or man actually experience the forceful actions beyond their normal nature . Even the act of romance becomes rape and disgrace.
As the forth division is most auspicious so the sixth division has many objections due to excitation of the Vikshep deities .
To the west zone the sixth division is Asur signifies the demonic forces ; which plays very important role in the violent paranormal activities; specifically when shool operates through this division. Whenever the Indra division of the east becomes weak and excitation of the Satya division happens then automatically it thrusts the force on the Asur division; leading to hyper excitation of this division. That is how one should understand the effects of faults in the vaastu and dynamics of the evil forces too.
Rather if the entrance lies in this division then automatically the complementary deities on the east orbit become weak in their desired frequency.Asur disturbs the Mitra ie interrelationships amongst the deities of the Vaastu . This break in relationship enhances the evil power of the Vikshep deities .

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