Vaastu Maha Sutras

1.Each zone has the consciousness that suits to the virtues needed to that person. Deities of that zone contain the blessings which are needed to that person and to that range of the age . As each age has different demands and needs ; so for each age one should select the zone that fulfils those needs and demands . Even as the position of the Sun keeps changing as per the season of the year ; the energy of the house also keeps changing it's rhythm . So this understanding is reflected by the changing the head position of the vaastu purush as per the season in the traditional books.

2. Activity and zones is the classical relationship given in the traditional Vaastu . None other architecture of any culture and country has done such a deep thought that correlates to the biorhythm-synchronicity -frequency of any person . Particularly the solar path and emergence of the elements is the most important gift given by this tradition of the vaastushastra which correlates to the human consciousness. Even the genetical skills and there reformation is classified by intellectual class to north ; security military people to east ; labour and artisans to west and businessmen to south .

3. Body alignment as per the cosmic energy and the solar position is the speciality of this great Indian architecture termed as the vaastushastra. While sleeping when all the natural faculties like emotional and intellectual faculties are silent then the total existence of the person remains surrendered to the surroundings . In such case it's important to catch the energy axis in such a way that the tranquility and peace of the person is taken care of. This is the real theory where the surrender to the nature is the base of the right alignment; which is totally missing in all other branches is architecture in the world history.

4. This selection of the specific axis and then surrender of the axis of the body to that position is related to the theory of the yogshastra. In yogshastra this classification of the energy from Muladhara to the Sahasrara is given as the ascension path that leads to the further evolution of the man in to the super man . The great Yogi Sri Aurobindo has analysed and reformed this theory of the ascension based on this Kundalini yoga from the ancient text. The ancient text is mystic and speaks in much comprehensive meaning when it correlates the deities in the body then in the directions through the ritual of the Nyasa in every act of the religious ceremony.Similarly the matrix of the deities-Solar path-alignment of the house to the energy axis is nothing but the classical Nyasa concept in the vaastushastra.

5. The concept of the time as the virtual-real and as the past-present-future in correlation to the before birth-after birth and after death too is nicely dealt in the vaastushastra through the different deities as well through the left and right breath of the Vaastu Purusha.The wholesome holistic cosmic breath then the personal breath and the movement of this prana in the house as per the form of the house correlates the personal as well the global eventology in the frame of the time-energy axis-vibrations of the directions.
All this philosophy is clubbed in the simple term-a connotation Dikkal in many different religious systems like Jain-Buddhists-Sanatan who believe in the wheel of the karma and the theory of the rebirth with the base as the further evolution of the mankind . Astonishingly all these variations as regards the different religions -paths and ways of rituals are clubbed under the one umbrella of the vaastushastra with much wider approach by melting all the differences of their basic theories .

6. On each energy axis this reflection of the three times can be seen through the three different deities which have reference to the past-present-future. So if the deities related to the past are appeased then it's like the repaying of the debt of the past generations; which may remove the Pitru dosha and reduce the load of the Karma. If proper care is taken of the central deity Brahma then it will give the pleasure -performance- purity in the present moment. If the deities on the start of the axis ie on the mouth of the axis are taken care of then it will improve the future of the person.That is how the energy and element axis carry the importance in the Vaastu Purusha Mandala.

7. All this philosophy and it's practical attainment is planned by eighteen ancient sages to improve the daily life of the common man as well to realign the person to the cosmic energy axis so that oneself remains on the right path of spiritual progress. None of the other arts-architecture-engineering on the globe is so powerfully and intellectually planned as the deep thought that one finds in the vaastushastra.
At the most just the concept of the physical comfort can be observed in some western architecture when these architects plan the buildings with a grid structure but organising this grid as per the force lines of the north is hardly observed in their planning of the basic layout . Where as conformation of the Shuddha Prachi or Ishanya Prachi is the first ritual in this classical system of the architecture; where the dynamic grid of the cosmic energy is the main purpose of geometry of the house. As against this in the western architecture a thought of the static grid can be seen in some plans of the buildings.

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