21. If the basement is to the south as well there lies severe fault like more site margin to west ; or more travel of light from west or a well formation due to the three prong staircase then it's a severe fault . As it has activated the vibrations of west and south both and both are sink directions; so it's effect will be severe on the occupants. But since due to north zone of the globe ; it's effects will not be that severe as it may happen in the tropical countries .
In the tropical countries; the negative effects may start in the first five years itself . In the north zone of the globe it's effects may start after around 7 to 10 years.
Due to low temperatures; the poison arrows get diluted in the north zone where as due to the scorching Sun ; these forces become more intense in the tropical countries. So in the analysis of the American houses , more focus should be given on the east-west axis ie on the axis of prana . That's why the yoga techniques and breathing patterns get appreciation first in the western world and then the east starts thinking about them . Small breathing exercises also give corrections in the aura body of the person.
If somebody starts staying in such house then effects of west faults start operating on the consciousness first . These forces are like the separating aspect of planets as explained in astrology but happening on the consciousness level . The good contents of the consciousness start showing rift amongst each other and the psychological pain begins . This pain may end up in the loneliness due to the separation in the family .
So Vaastu expert must focus his attention on the axis of prana ie on east and west zones ; while analysing the American Houses.
When fault lies in the south zone then the negative currents start stroking on the anti-clockwise path ie on the southeast zone . But these being as such secondary forces ; to experience it's effects it takes little longer time . It's effects may happen much faster in the tropical zones as in general fire element is more active ; so southeast zone is vibrant and hyper sensitive.
The effects of the southeast vibrations happens more on the males and specially on the sons ; if someone starts staying in such house after marriage then effects may start after 7-8 years ; it means when the son is say of four years . It signifies failure of his career from age twelve . That is how one should do the predictive analysis of the house .

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