4. Waves of energy signify the mandalas and vortex of energy indicate the voids. Mandalas are connected to the Aaditya-Soma-Isha-Brahma .Vortex and voids are connected to the Bhrusha-Yama-Nirhut-Pitru-Asuras. Mandalas create the abodes of auspicious deities and vortex and voids are occupied and encroached by the negative powers which are the activities of the past tense ie spirits and Patalas. The whole concept of Vaastu is related to the human life ; to explain that this holistic theory is based on the figure of the Vaastu Purusha with a complete human form . Similarly there lies astrological explanation on the image of the Kaal Purusha . Both these cosmic entities are based on the vibrations of the directions; which keeps changing as per the transit planets and as per the alignment to the directions.
The subject story is related to the macrocosm when it speaks without a definite form ie say the Vaastu -a house . When the image is loaded on the limited Vaastu or the house then it's the reflection on the microcosm ; but with the same rules . He who ever he may be weather a King-a Saint-a Thief-a Common man the rules of the Shastra are equally applicable on them and similar suffering is seen in their life too.
4A All energies are good but it's effect depends on the way in which these energies meet each other . There are seven types of energies; five are related to the five elements and two are related to the directions. Energies related to the elements vibrate through the nodes and energies related to directions form the passages from one to other direction .
Each node creates its own mandala and when that zone is without any fault then collectively all nodes act in a rhythm and create a supportive mandala to the Ang Devta of that zone .
Whenever fault lies to any zone then those nodes start vibrating intensely and any intense vibration is termed as the negative energy because it acts like a shool .
Intense energy acts like the attack of the weapon ; in addition it's effect depends on the zone. If it's in the fire zone then it acts like the burning sword . If it's the water zone then it acts like the sunami .
4B There are three forms of energy as such . Vibrations are induced through light-ether-earth and the vibrations related to the wind-water-fire are part of the ether or earth vibrations as they use either of the medium of their expression.
In correlation to the zone and direction element exists . For example southeast of one Vaastu could be the northwest to the other or northeast to the one Vaastu may be southwest to the other house . Here the house becomes the focal point from where the zones are defined and per the zone the element keeps changing .
So the source zone of the one house may become the sink zone for the next house . Hence there lies importance to demarcate the boundaries of the house by the compound wall . Still if the borewell is taken to the Aap-Aapvatsa of one house then it may give negative effects to the next house as it lies to the zone of the Putana ie to the southwest outer boundary of that house . Putana is the Vikshep devta for the southwest zone ; which has negative effects on the children occupying that house . Even as it disturbs the earth element of that house it may lead to instability and diseases to the owner . So additional strengthening to the southwest of that house is needed to compensate the effect of the borewell.
4C .Many times such adjoined properties are overlooked . Though the house may be perfect still the eventology does not match to the form of the house . In such cases it's necessary to search the faults in the adjoining grounds and boundaries.
People have wrong concept that once the compound is constructed then it will totally cut of the reference of the surroundings. Whenever say the slope lies to the south ; it means there lies possibility that many underlying layers have slope to the south . It means overall the strata of the soil is against the tenets of Vaastu. In such cases just making the compound or doing related landscaping will not solve the problem.
4D In all such cases the Tantra and related yantras play important role as it contains the concert of various notes clubbed to create the cosmic rhythm that would be synchronous with the sequence of the planet-element-deity.
The yantra is the reflection of the human consciousness with four layers . These layers signify the elements and the ascending helical streaming of the energy that captures the purpose
Mostly yantras are related to the elements and planets but when Tantra is added to that it adds the grace of the deity to that process .
The Ling Bhairavi designed for each direction is assemblage of specific metal-Vedi-Upvedi-sacred design of yantra-mantra beeja-lingam . When established on specific muhurtha then the whole procedure becomes Kaal Dish Samayochit ie positive confluence of the time cycles and vibrations of the directions. Placement of such one Ling Bhairavi can remove the paranormal experiences to regulate the life .

5. In the modern world psychic diseases and psychic neurosis have become very popular words due to the working hours do not match to the Sun Travel. Depression-obsessive behaviour-stress-over anxiety is the outcome due to the distracted relationship to the Sun. Whenever in the house there lies fault like Vidisha ; ie geometric and magnetic axis do not match then it creates three types of faults like Viprit Sour Sandarbha-distracted relationship to the Sun ; weak energy and imbalance of the elements. This disturbs the surrounding of the person which is directly related to the rhythm of the consciousness. This means person's routine and the naadi streaming as mentioned in the yogshastra do not go in the right sequence . Whenever fault lies in the southwest zone then it disturbs the Muladhara chakra ; which is the earth element and is a baloon of desires ; carried of this as well of last births . Whenever the Brahmbindu gets dilated in the body of Vaastu Purusha then the holistic rhythm of the occupants gets disturbed; that breaks the right relation with the nature . Such phenomena disturbs the rhythm of hormones in the young couples . This is all activity related to the attack of the Vikshep deities. In the vaastu terminology ; it is said that it's all because of the Viprit-Sour-Sandarbha ie distorted relationship to the Sun and its seeds in the human body as the Surya Tatva.
5A In western countries violence and gun shooting has become a severe problem. Violence is related to the attack of the Vidari and those children who die out of such violence are attacked by Putana. Vidari is the Vikshep deity of the southeast and Putana is the Vikshep deity of the southwest .Vidari is related to anger and violence and Putana is related to the victimisation .
A common fault of western houses is the boundaries of the houses are not defined ; so for the plots ; the matrix of deities do not get defined . This mixing of vibrations of the elements-planets -zones create severe faults.
This mixing of vibrations creates the voids which becomes the place of unfulfilled desires and past souls.
5B In classical philosophy Brahma contains Rajo gun as is connected to the creation . Vishnu is connected to Satva Gun and Rudra has causal body and is connected to the tamas . Hence to retaliate the negativity of the Rog-Shosh-Paapyskshma-Paap Rakshasi Rudra-Rudrajay is important.
Lord Vishnu has subtle body ; Brahma has physical body and Rudra has causal body and together they form the whole existence.
So when fault lies to northwest then it hits the causal body and attracts the similar souls which are imbalanced. So all houses with paranormal activities have essentially fault to the northwest zone . So every house with proper ritualistic approach should have their God's place to the northwest zone . This is the secret ; why in traditional theory the best position for the God is stipulated to the northwest .
5C Matter is termed as condensed form of the energy.With this conclusion the Newtonian science entered in the totally new mode and new dimensions. Science has come nearer to the Sanatan philosophy as it says that whole play of the world is nothing but the play of Mool Prakriti-Shakti-Jagadamba.
Gods and demons both are activated by the power ie mool prakriti . In vaastu I use the triad as Prakriti-Aakriti-Vikruti . Whenever the Prakriti is accommodated in the sacred geometry then it shows her mode as the Aakriti and whenever is placed in the broken form then shows her mode as the Vikruti. So in Vaastu Purusha Mandala even the Vikshep deities are the play of the mool prakriti.
5D Vaastu is termed as Maha Tantra in Kamika aagam ; because through the application of the correct sacred form ; it can give the yogik-positive-progressive pattern to the Mool Prakriti .
As the mool prakriti controls the vibrations and activity of the Brahma-Vishnu-Mahesh and signifies itself as the Sagun-formative and Nirgun-formless strength of the Parabrahm ; in vaastushastra it's attained through the sacred geometry.
The deities mentioned above as Brahma lies at centre where lies the Muladhara of the Vaastu Purusha; which signifies the Prajanan-reproduction. Bhudhara ie lord vishnu from north zone ; where the zone itself needs to be subtle and not gross . That's why there lies a great importance to the HiranyNabh form of the Vaastu ie C-opening to the north . Rudra is in the northwest zone ; as the Karan shareer-causal body as explained earlier .

6. So far the relationship with Sun is good the shadows on moon do not grow .It means the streaming and adhering the consciousness to the prana is necessary.Vaastu Purusha-Mandala contains all expressions of the Sun in the different forms of deities.So each deity out of forty five deities signifies the pattern of the prana ; induced as the nucleus of that shade of the prana and termed by a specific name and division of the deity.So various chidvastus and their correlation to the emergence of that form of the energy is explained in the Up Peeth Rachana.
As the Sun transits over a path it has effect on the place where it shines as well it has it's effect on exact opposite side ie at 180 degrees. Since the solar path is elliptical this effect happens diametrically opposite too . For example if the Sun is in the Mahendra division then it's aspect will be on Asur of the west matrix as well on Pushpdant.
From this it's understood that if it's not possible to treat the Pushpdant then any treatment done in Mahendra division will also have secondary advantage on the Pushpdant.
6A As the Tithi decides the distance between the sun and moon ; similarly in the Vaastu the relationship between the north-east with south-southwest decides the relationship between the vibrations of Surya Nadi and Chandra Nadi .
If there happens the positive confluence of jaivik and pranik urjas then it's a good news ; as it creates the effect of the northeast -all divine cosmic breath . It accelerates the Chandra Ida nadi streams; which bless the stability-peace-prosperity-progress-longevity.
If the form leads to the negative confluence of the pranik and the jaivik urjas then it excites the surya Pingala nadi in that Vaastu ; which is responsible to the death-destruction-demolition-discontinuity -defamation; as it is the negative cosmic breath .
All the houses where there lies paranormal activity has hyper excitation of the negative cosmic breath ; which is the most common feature.
6B As deities of the vasstu pususha mandala are different forms of the Sun ; similarly all the planets are basically part of the material of the sun. That's why in some astrological systems there is no importance to the planets but sole importance is given to the Nakshatra.
Sun lies in Brahmsthan; so unless the rhythm of this zone gets disturbed; it's not a severe fault . A powerful Brahmsthan can eradicate any paranormal activity.
A powerful Brahmsthan is done by using the gems therapy termed as Ratnadhyay. All the immediate connected deities to the central zone are activated by these gems in a serial order and in a ritual of the Ratnadhyay.
The Angdevtas of eight zones act as the deputed cabinet ministers of the central Brahmsthan and they carry the grace of Brahmsthan; when they are seeded by the proper gems . Zone of Ang Devtas can be said as the extended Brahmsthan.
6C If your subconscious is not aligned to a comfortable frequency then unintentionally one attracts the negativity .
Vaastu makes the reprogramming of the consciousness so that merging of the cosmic entities and desires happens which manifest in to happiness.
As there is frequency related to good planets-angels-deities ; similarly there might be frequency related to the dark energy; that signifies the Asur-Spirits-unfulfilled desires ; which are the forms of the Vikshep Devtas.
These frequencies is the foundation of the vaastushastra that aligns the occupants to the fortune through the bliss of the Bhudhar-Isha-Aryama.
There are some frequencies which are related to activation of certain human glands that secrete the benevolent hormones and connects to the happiness. Obviously certain frequencies are opposite which give negative experience. Vaastu is the subject connected to the form that connects to the auspicious frequencies.
6D Activation of the pineal gland is the ultimate purpose of all the oriental shastras . This happens when one gets surrounded by the god frequency 936 Hz ; which is the frequency of the rhythm of the activated Brahmsthan.
This frequency enables us to remain in the present momentum that transforms the future in to the fortune.
Physical-Mental-Emotional oneness is attained by this frequency which takes the person to the totally new dimension.
The key to activate the pineal gland lies at three nodes . The first node is the Vaastu Nabhi ; which is to the southwest of the nine parts of the Brahmsthan .The second node lies where the square of Brahmsthan and the northeast matrix touches. The third is the Shikhi ie crown of the northeast matrix of deities .
When ever these three points do not vibrate in a rhythm then that house gives the paranormal expressions.
House is a mixture of frequencies so if Ruby and gold is placed at the centre on the Purna Tithi then that brahmand frequency becomes a simulator of all irregularities .

7. The form of the Sun and the pattern of the energy emitted depends on the directions. Early morning the Sun is Aaditya ; during it's in the east zone .Then it's other name is Aryama ; which is the ocean of prana . It gives strength-courage-knowledge. So when east is closed means that house is missing morning ; it means that house contains cosmic dark shadows . These shadows are supportive to the paranormal activities. Prana and Apana are interdependent. So when pranik chakra gets disturbed then cycles of Apana get disturbed too. When Apana is not able to remove the negativity then it clogs all unfulfilled desires in the house . This is the beginning of the paranormal experiences.That is how each form of the Sun is related to light-fire-smoke and shadows .When these forms of sink directions start emitting energy then moon goes in dark shadows which cuts the channel that provides continuous prana to the mind. In such cases the reversal of the forces depress the moon due to the counterclockwise multiple loops of the stress reversals.Intense Sun and depressed moon is the main cause of experience of all types of shadows and losses in the life.
7A Happiness and self ignorance are two opposite expressions. Both can not exist simultaneously. Your right relationship with the Sun is the answer to the state of happiness and your wrong relationship to the shadows of the Saturn and the Rahu is your state of self ignorance. Celebration happens when your mood is connected to the ascending helical streaming of the energy. Where as your depression is the conclusion of your connections to the outer periferal deities of the Vaastu Purusha Mandala .
Whenever rhythm of some zone gets disturbed then automatically in that house the relationship to the Sun gets disturbed. In such disturbed frame when the people die then those souls get arrested in that disturbed format of five great elements and in the truncated net of the energy . Such souls start giving some paranormal experiences. So the rituals given by the dharma for after death situation may be of potential strength to release those souls .
7B. Self ignorance attaches oneself to the desire and sentiments. Where as the enlightened soul is sensitive and serene which is connected to the Brahmsthan .
Whenever the fault lies in the southeast then the causal body ie Rudra from the complementary zone becomes hyperactive that creates the anger and violence.
Key of the Rudra division lies in the northwest division of the Brahmsthan and as well in the Anil division of the southeast zone .
So whenever a severe fault lies to the southeast then these two places get disturbed that gives hyper excitation of the Rudra division.
Here the self ignorance in the form of ego and anger becomes the causal body that may lead to the violence in the family .
Where ever the deaths happen due to gun shooting; those places have Viprit antaral to the Savita-Savitru of the southeast zone. In casestudies it's observed like that .
7C Self ignorance as regards loss of confidence or loss of life interest happens when there lies severe fault to the southwest zone ie where the Jeeva remains uncomfortable in that situation. The deity Indra the Ang devta of the southwest zone gives the winning attitude in the person. Whenever there lies viprit antaral or lot of scorching sun in this zone then it destabilise the earth element;which signifies the displacement of the deity Indra from the nucleus . In many cases of suicides those houses have weak earth element in the southwest zone . In such house ; very often the prolonging of desires and ectoplasm leads to the paranormal activities.
The connected corner deity Pitru acts as the door of the patala ; this division also plays important role in the paranormal activities.
7D All disastrous activities happen because of self ignorance. Self ignorance happens because of broken state of the consciousness. It means whenever there lies disparity in the four pillars of the consciousness then this disparity signifies the broken consciousness. Four pillars of consciousness are situated in the form of four elements which emerge in four sub directions.
Consciousness is in double space and at both spaces it is interdependent. One is inner space which is the nature of the self . The other is the space around in one's house termed as the surroundings. Energy in the surroundings keep changing as per the transit planets and the solar path . That is how these three level spaces are interdependent. The broken consciousness around contains past shadows and present voids . That is how logically the paranormal activity is explained.

9762401234/ 9822011050
3. Particularly in the field of Tantra the mentions of Bhairavas-Rudras-Kinnaras-Gandharvas -Ganas of Shiva -Daityas-Asuras signify many other yonis or part of the whole consciousness ie the ocean of the Chetana .In the philosophy the whole movement is categorised in the positive ans the negative as two poles.In occult streams it is connected to the Niyati and Niti ; where Niti is clubbed to the deeds ie karma ie to Kaal Chakra.
In the Tantra ; there lies sacred geometry with placement of MantraBeej-deities-mystic figures with specific co ordinates. On the muhurtha related to the purpose the Yantram is selected . To suit that set of deities and elements the worship and ritual is organised. Then that Yantram itself acts as the consciousness of that person and that power acts through that person . As if for that short period that person becomes the vehicle of that Yantram ; it means the Tantra is successful.
3A If the square figures or cuboid articles are placed then that gives out similar waveforms; which are classified as the waves of the earth element. These waveforms have profound capacity to digest any irregularity in the different poison arrows and regulate that energy wave . Because of this capacity to absorb all absurdities the house and plots are suggested in a square geometry by the eighteen ancient sages in the vaastushastra.
If any force becomes intense then it becomes destructive; so it can be simulated to the divine mode if the sacred earth element envelopes that force . So each Yantram is surrounded by the Bhu-pur which signifies the powerful sacred earth element.
3B Three dimensional Yantrams are made in stone . Whenever such yantrams are from south India then mostly these are made in the granite black stones. Some mystic figures and granite or metal lingams are kept on these yantras and are sold at very fantastic prices . People also purchase them with sentiments and keep them in the northeast zone ; with understanding that this is the most divine direction. As it's against the basics of the vaastushastra; it is observed that very soon occupants start suffering of various dimensions. Basically black granite signifies powerful earth element. Yantra being square it gives out the subtle earth waves which wipe out the total grace of the Aap-Aapvatsa divisions ie absorption of the water energy happens. So while organising any Yantram in the house ; basics of the Vaastu needs to be followed; otherwise the same Yantram may start repelling the positive energy.
3C In Vaastu the elements are the doors of the energy; so these doors are situated in the sub directions. As a matter of energetics these sub directions are zones of confluence of the jaivik and pranik energy; where the pattern of the confluence decides the type of the element. Where as the basic philosophy hints that there lies a sequence of emergence of the elements from sky to the earth . Sky laid to wind and for that the sound became the cause to transform the sky to the wind ; then wind to the fire ; fire to water and water to the earth element happened . Geometrically square signifies the earth which contains four triangles ; which signifies fire element. The sacred smoke out of fire leads to wind and creates the clouds ; those burst in the water form . All these events happen in the presence of the ether element.
So certain processes are reverse and converse and both are true . In the Tantra this pathy of reverse and converse is used ; where the medium becomes the yantra . Since yantra contains sacred geometry; so the result is always good .
3D.In Tantra the balancing of the energy and focusing towards the stipulated purpose is done through the deities. But the sacred geometry used for the yantra contains the triangles-squares-circles which signifies the fire-earth-wind element. The point at the Center of the Yantram acts as the focus of the whole geometry ; is similar to the Brahmbindu in the Vaastu. Due to the sacred geometry this bindu-focus point is exactly at the centre so it is effective in the holistic way .
In case of Vaastu when this Brahmbindu gets dilated then this sacred geometry becomes broken . This broken geometry connects the outer entities to the central zone ; so the sanctity of the Vaastu gets lost . This impurity in the Vaastu start sucking the prana of the house and creates dark energy like the dying star . In this situation such house contains some paranormal activity that may trouble the occupants.

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