Tantra MAHATANTRA blessings

54. It's the form of the house-office-factory that matters and not the skills-cleverness-intelligence as regards the success.It's most unfortunate but a truth that form plays important role in the life . Purpose-Person-Form is the triad that one should attained otherwise the failure is definite and frustration is sure . So if the form is not correct then the nodes of that Vaastu should be corrected by divine miniature forms to attract the luck ; that's what is termed as the Remedial Vaastu.
If the comparison of two engineers is done as regards the success in the life then form of his house is most important. One how ever may be scholar-efficient-clever but if his house has maximum light from the west then he has to go through the disagreement in his life ; through out his career . The other engineer if has streaming of vibrations of light-ether-energy from north then in all the odd conditions of the life ; he proves to be successful and satisfied in the life . That's the beauty of this sacred science that teaches to follow the laws of energy and nature.
In all the casestudies it's observed that Form-Future-Fortune is the divine triangle that makes the life happy-celebration-success.
In traditional language it's termed as the Ghat-Ghatana-Ghatakash ; where the entire play of the Vaastu is clubbed between the earth and the ether and their interrelationship.As such these elements are complementary but the positive confluence of these two elements is the foundation of the subject of the Vaastu.

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