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🌸Vaastu Symmetry:🌸
The word symmetry has multidimensional meanings as even static symmetry induces some wave form that makes it a dynamic version;which gets connected to the rules of energy and hence shelters itself in the forth dimension ie Time.When the entropy Of Any Vaastu is minimal then it leads to the minimum friction-resistance-impedance leading to its natural existence and frequency;which the state of peace-prosperity-progress.As the form of house bound by physical parameters like length-breadth-height ,if planned properly;will lead to the mathematical symmetry.The definition of which is as follows "
"Mathematical symmetry may be observed with respect to the passage of time; as a spatial relationship; through geometric transformations; through other kinds of functional transformations; and as an aspect of abstract objects, theoretic models, language, music and even knowledge itself".
Here one understands the wisdom of ancient Maharishis who formulated the waveform for each individual through the subject of "Ayaadi - Calculations"
Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe
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