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Subject: Eliminating Deep Rooted Stress

🌈Sahasra-Mahavaastu🌈🌺Eliminate deep rooted stress🌺.11
The situations in the home-energy levels-orientation with natural forces-distribution of five great elements-matrix of deities creat the aura of the house that protects or projects the person to the difficult traumatic and melodramatic conditions in life.Following is one case study of one police officer who is in jail for past 100 days with corruption charges.Astro -Vaastu conclusions are given with denoting the severe faults of chart and the house both.
Astro-Vaastu Conclusions
1) Toilet to NE : Lord of water element debilitated
2) kitchen to north : Moon debilitated with aspect of Rahu-Saturn-Mars
3) extension to SW : Signs 2-6-10 contain Sun and lord of 2 Venus in water sign
4)major flux of S-SE-SW : Lord of south moon is in water sign-Mars and Rahu conjunction in SE ie 11 th house with sun in enemy sign -lord of 2 in water sign with lord of 3 with enemy planet Ketu
5) Axis cross -Kalsarp yoga
6) The present dasha is of Sun which is debilitated in the forth house and the lord of forth house is in 12 th house;which indicates the Bandhan-Yoga with original chart again reflects the similar condition like Rahu-Mars-Jupiter conjunction ;ascendant in the sixth house;moon debilitated with aspect of all malific planets;ascendant Venus aspected of strong enemy mars etc.
When such one to one mapping of chart and the plan of the house happens;then it is evident to face such severe bad events
in the life ;which will have deep rooted effect on the social status and own psyche too.
Now in all such surroundings;one should advise the person to leave the house and stay even in the rented place ;where lot of streaming of Aakash-Prakash-Urja is available in the source directions and a powerful version of earth-load-gravitational forces block the negative currents of the sink directions.
The first motive in such cases is to regain the social status and getting bail from the court to prove the self .For these achievements;one needs to get connected to the benefic matrix of deities in the house and it is necessary to do some astrological rituals to untie the grip of the malific planets.
Otherwise this type of events break the moral of all the family members leading to deep rooted stress-pain-torture for the rest of the life .
🌸Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe

🌈Sahasra-Mahavaastu🌈🌺Eliminate deep rooted stress🌺.12
In the present period suicide percentage is very high due to multiple practical reasons.As in agricultural field famine is common if we study a history of last 7-8 centuries ; but the way in which suicides happen in the present times ;is a quite different situation.In the present period as we stay in the polluted orbit of wind ;basically psyche in general has attained the state of total corruption and its severity can be seen even in the class of many saints-yogis-svamis.First time in the history this class has shown involvement in activity like business-market-name-fame.First time we see that many saints are behind bar in jail due to allegations regarding their characters.All this imbalance is due to the polluted state of wind orbit which has disturbed the total consciousness.
Wind element is connected to the west and northwest directions ;so it is connected to Saturn-Venus-Mercury-Rahu too.
So all those who have critical wrong aspects of these planets along with faults in the sink directions are susceptible to face many calamities ;when transit is disturbed too.As we see the cases of these celebrities;they have psychologically collapsed in their personal and public life and there is no hope for their further survival to eradicate deep rooted seeds of these stresses.
So wisdom lies in following the saying " precaution is better than cure ".
🌸Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe

🌈Sahasra-Mahavaastu🌈🌺Eliminate deep rooted stress🌺.13
These are some symptoms of deep rooted stress ;which each Vaastu expert should be aware of ;before the Vaastu analysis .As many faults are hidden ,these practical symbols and symptoms along with counselling to the occupants ;helps to find these subtle-hidden Vaastu faults.
These are physical symptoms
1)Low energy :Particularly when prana in the house is low ,it leads to low energy syndrome .Prana in general means there could be fault on the east-west axis ie on the Brahm Sutra.Due to the asymmetric shape of the house , many times the Brahmr Sutra gets dilated from its original position.This dilation leads to the shift of the Brahmr Bindu ,that distort all the Sutra Devatas.This transforms the concentric energies to become off centric in their actual behaviour.This new off centre network of energies are tapped wrongly as Geopathic stresses by that type of pseudo Geopathic theoreticians.
2)Headaches: It is related to the blood circulation-acidity-worry-hyper tension etc.All these problems arise because of disturbed state of mind ;which lies in the "sahasrar ".By the rule of the Vaastu " where ever fault lies on the body of the Vaastu Purusha ;it gives pain to the same organ of the occupant." So for such complaint of the occupant ,which is due to the deep rooted stress; search should be focused on the north east matrix of the deities.The kon sutras parallel to the Northeast to Southwest diagonal of the nearer division should be searched for the shalya or positioning of the column-beam ;means obstruction in the main channel of the energy.
Unless some treatment-correction is done in the Vaastu regarding these faults ;mere medicine or any cosmic treatment will not give a full proof solution on the complaint of the occupant.
🌸Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe

🌈Sahasra-Mahavaastu🌈🌺Eliminate deep rooted stress🌺.14
3) Upset stomach including diarrhoea-constipation-nausea :This is a common symptom on the deep rooted stress as per medical diagnosis.Depression and frustration leads to uneven contraction of voluntary and involuntary muscles which effects the discontinuous secretion of glands.This disturb the digestion and further complaints regarding health.In Vaastu it's reflection is seen in the brahmsthan as it is related to the stomach and lever too.The solar plexus is the zone of the Nabhi .It is the place of the "kukshit Mendu" ie it controls many activities of the brain.Thats why there lies immense importance to the Naabhi Chikitsa in the aayurveda.Many erratic behaviours are due to dilated solar plexus. Nabhi is the first development in the mother's womb through which all other organs are shaped .Stem cells which have capacity to reorganise the human body  are placed in the naabhi zone.Any house with proper ritual of Vaastu Nabhi has capacity to make balancing of many faults.
When Brahmsthan contains a defined Nabhi-solar plexus with a correct ritual ;such Vaastu has profound power to regenerate the positive events.
It keeps the cosmic centre of brain in the active mode leading to eradication of any type of psychological imbalance.
🌸Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe

🌈Sahasra-Mahavaastu🌈🌺Eliminate deep rooted stress🌺.15
Aches-Pains and tense muscles :
Experts say that deep rooted stress is connected with blood sugar and belly fat.Chronic stress raises insulin levels-metabolic dysfunction that ultimately gives diabetes.Adrenal gland release hormones like adrenaline and cortisol raises heart rate-blood pressure-more likely creat clotting and damages brain memory centres.Loss of memory and Parkinson's are common in present times.
All these problems happen many times because the "Rang-Shala "in the Vaastu
is disturbed.Rang Shala is the other name of the west zone ;which means sense of arts-music-humour-ie Kavya-Shastra-Vinod is missing in the society .So all these faults are related to the polluted orbit of wind element.
Particularly in the modern houses ;we find hyper Excitation of west due to terraces-cuts-French windows and blocking of the east zone.This intense wind reduces the strength of the prana in the house .Many times this hyper wind creat the reversal of energy loops that creat the heen bahu urja in the house.Relation of west to southwest is counterclockwise;so disturbance of west zone automatically thrusts on the southwest ie Shringar Shala of the house.This means that these hyper vibrations of west are responsible for distraction of the place of romance.
All these attacks on the general and personal consciousness is the reason of the aches-pains-tense muscles.
That is how one can see the reflections of five great elements and the Vaastushastra in the practical life.
🌸Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe

🌈Sahasra-Mahavaastu🌈🌺Eliminate deep rooted stress🌺16
This has become like an epidemic in the world .When the biorhythm and circadian cycle gets disturbed then very often it leads to this modern health complaint.It leads to depressed mood,irritability and low energy.
As per medical understanding reasons for this symptom are unknown.But as quoted reasons could be restlessness-heartburn-psychological stress-hyperthyroidism-restless leg syndrome.
Astrologically people with debilitated Ketu in 12 th house with aspect of malific planets is a common reason .Sleep is assigned to the forth and twelfth house of the chart and in general is connected to the moon too.Debilitated moon ; moon in paap kartari;hyper Excitation of the moon character are additional reasons connected to the insomnia.Moon with Rahu or Saturn is also indicative of sleepless nights.
Vaastu point of view directions and zones of bedroom are fixed as per the age e.g.
1)southeast zone and Savita-Savitru deities are assigned for son's bedroom who is in the student state .
2) northwest zone and Rudra-Rudrajay deities are assigned for daughter's bedroom who is in the student state.
3) Married couples with age range 25 to say 55 are assigned with south-southwest zone.
4) Seniors should sleep in the healing zone ie Northeast-north-early east zone.
A deep sleep is the best medicine to remove the deep rooted stresses.
Many times dreams act as the catharsis that releases the stresses.
Catharsis is the purification and purgation of emotions particularly pity and fear.
It is the gift of great psychiatrist Sigmund Freud and his team who invented this process of Catharsis.
In present times in the process of Sudarshan Kriya as founded by Great Spiritual Master Gurudev  Sri Sri Ravishankar ji purification and purgation of emotions can be seen very often.
In the processes of Vaastushastra,since breath cycles-age ranges and directions are connected to the zones of planets ;all this happens very passively and silently .Rhythm-Synchronicity-Frequency is the triad of Vaastushastra that leads in eradication of deep rooted stresses.
🌸Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe

🌈Sahasra-Mahavaastu🌈🌺Eliminate deep rooted stress🌺.17
In Vaastu Shastra breath is related to the west and northwest directions;being part of wind activity at gross level.But the two cosmic breaths are connected to the set of directions as North-Northeast-East as Ida-Chandra-Naadi and South-southwest-west as Pingala-Surya-Naadi ;which have profound control-connectivity-effect on the personal breath too.
Many times we hold the breath-swallow the breath or breath shallow too ;which leads to aggravating the stress.
Vagus nerve is called as the relaxation nerve and it passes through the diaphragm of the body .Activation of this nerve by long breath is the yogik trick to enhance the consciousness and to rebuild the fresh mind by eradication of deep rooted stress.
So in Vaastushastra when the pingala streams encroach the brahmsthan it leads to expansion of the Apana leading to contraction of prana and effecting in the short breath cycles.According to yogshastra one whose breath cycles are short and shallow faces the early death.So longevity is related to the expansion of the Ida Streams in the Vaastu ;so it unifies with the Brahmand Lahari ;giving exact position and activation to the Brahm-Bindu.
According to Vaastu Purusha ;the diagonal that connects the Northeast to Southwest ;which is the main energy channel ;represents the Vagus Nerve.So if any shalya or vedh If happens in this zone will lead to all types of psychological disturbances and to deep rooted stress too.
So reducing the west vibrations and enhancing the east vibration is also the Vaastu Dimension to eradicate the deep rooted stresses.
🌸Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe

🌈Sahasra-Mahavaastu🌈🌺Eliminate deep rooted stress🌺.18
Loss of sexual desire and/or
Ability :This has become a common complaint in the modern age and has become a typical syndrome in the young and mid age generation.According to Spiritual traditional tenets ;this is a wrong subject ;as it says that this urge has connectivity only for the reproduction and not for any entertainment.Actually it is observed like that in the whole animal kingdom ,only in human beings "it has become a big problem with whole attention to that subject due to the special faculty of thought ".Entire animal kingdom works by cosmic will and not by personal choice,so it does not have such artificial problems which leads to many stresses at personal as well at social levels.Vaastu Shastra has a spiritual base hence it's in depth thought goes with these spiritual tenets.
Secretion of hormones and its connectivity to the seasons-age-periods is nicely taken care of; in the selection of the zones for bedrooms.So Vaastu Shastra is a comprehensive spiritual thought that takes care of all the activities related to the life. Hence the chemicals and secretion of hormones do not get wasted in the wrong actions  and one is saved from stresses and pains.
In the spiritual order and discipline;if we follow the sermons then the question of abilities and desires get automatically melted.
A feel of completion and content is experienced leading to a very natural order of life.
🌸Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe

🌈Sahasra-Mahavaastu🌈🌺Eliminate deep rooted stress🌺.19
Loss of sexual desire and/or
Ability :
When horoscope contains conjunction of Venus and Saturn or lords of 1-5-9 are debilitated or are in water sign ; then there lies such possibility in the life.Many times if Saturn and mercury are in conjunction and are connected to the fifth house ; then it leads to such condition.
Many times the medicines taken for psychological problems give this reactionary effect .People with prolonged diabetic conditions have this problem.Diabetes is reflected by disturbed Venus in the horoscope.
In Vaastu Shastra this effect happens if there lies Nirbal Agni ie weak fire element.If house has east closed-east loaded-east polluted or water to the east then it leads to the Nirbal-Agni.All these symptoms reduce the Pranik energy in the house which is related to the active role in each action of the life.Vibrations of east are related to the divine fire element;hence absence of these vibrations cultivate bad habits leading to the loss of health.East zone represents Jupiter-Venus-Mars-Sun ;so weak vibrations of these planets leads to loss of sexual desire and the ability.
Fire element is assigned to the southeast zone but fire in this zone has explosive intensity.Any fault in the southeast zone creat the disturbance in the forth pillar of the consciousness ie ego.Either it leads to fear syndrome or to overconfidence .Many times this polluted fire element leads to violence and criminal activity.
Unless corrections are done in the east and southeast zone ;any other remedies done have a very temporary effect in the life.
Integral approach of Vaastu -Yoga-Astro together gives a good result .
🌸Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe

🌈Sahasra-Mahavaastu🌈🌺Eliminate deep rooted stress🌺.20
Loss of sexual desire and/or
Ability :
As per the yogshastra Centre of desires and ability are located in the Muladhar-Chakra. Muladhar placement is near Nabhi ie in the brahmsthan.Muladhar represents earth element with Ganesha as the deity .
Earth element means 2/6/10 signs with lords as Venus-Mercury-Saturn .Venus produces the desire ,by churning the thought Mercury increases the intensity;by prolonging Saturn makes it disappointing and disagreement .Such disagreement creat the stresses.With more and more time gap stress becomes deep rooted stress in the Cerebral and neurotic centres.Second control of cerebral and neurotic centres lies in the solar plexus ie Nabhi.So any disturbance in the zone of Nabhi will lead to stress and simultaneously to disease related to genital organs.Earth means body and desire has its food through the body .Earth means expression of Sound-Touch-Form-Taste-Smell ie "Panch-Tanmatras".Earth connects the Jeeva to the outer world and quake in the earth creat the stresses.Vrutti ie repetition of the sensuous pleasure is related to the earth element ; by its virtue of rotation around the self .
So any fault that travels and disturbs the Brahmsthan;will creat the disturbance in the Vasana-Kosh ie cabin of desires.Hence such faults are termed as the Maha-Dosha.
When Ruby is placed at the centre of the Brahmsthan;it starts vibrating to the cosmic frequency and gets strengthened too.Where as when a complete Ratnadhyay is performed then it forms the protective Lotus of gems around the Brahmsthan.Hence Ratnadhyay on proper muhurtha is the important ritual in Vaastu; so that connectivity to the cosmic reality reduces the stress and negative events too.
🌸Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe

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