🌈Sahasra-Mahavaastu🌈🌺Eliminate deep rooted stress🌺.13
These are some symptoms of deep rooted stress ;which each Vaastu expert should be aware of ;before the Vaastu analysis .As many faults are hidden ,these practical symbols and symptoms along with counselling to the occupants ;helps to find these subtle-hidden Vaastu faults.
These are physical symptoms
1)Low energy :Particularly when prana in the house is low ,it leads to low energy syndrome .Prana in general means there could be fault on the east-west axis ie on the Brahm Sutra.Due to the asymmetric shape of the house , many times the Brahmr Sutra gets dilated from its original position.This dilation leads to the shift of the Brahmr Bindu ,that distort all the Sutra Devatas.This transforms the concentric energies to become off centric in their actual behaviour.This new off centre network of energies are tapped wrongly as Geopathic stresses by that type of pseudo Geopathic theoreticians.
2)Headaches: It is related to the blood circulation-acidity-worry-hyper tension etc.All these problems arise because of disturbed state of mind ;which lies in the "sahasrar ".By the rule of the Vaastu " where ever fault lies on the body of the Vaastu Purusha ;it gives pain to the same organ of the occupant." So for such complaint of the occupant ,which is due to the deep rooted stress; search should be focused on the north east matrix of the deities.The kon sutras parallel to the Northeast to Southwest diagonal of the nearer division should be searched for the shalya or positioning of the column-beam ;means obstruction in the main channel of the energy.
Unless some treatment-correction is done in the Vaastu regarding these faults ;mere medicine or any cosmic treatment will not give a full proof solution on the complaint of the occupant.
🌸Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe

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