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Subject: Boost the pace of self transformation

🌈Sahasra-Mahavaastu🌈Boost the pace of self transformation :🌺1
There are certain deities in the Vaastu Purusha Mandala which have a boosting tendency.As in astrology boost is given by the planets  Sun-Moon-Jupiter-Mars .Aspect of Jupiter is mainly related to boost in all activities.
In Vaastu Shastra this quality is mainly associated with the central zone ie Brahmsthan. The definition of the Brahm is " that which lies in a pulsating-expanding-transforming and creating state "; is Brahm.So anything that remains connected to the Brahmsthan imbibes it's quality of expansion automatically.
All the rituals of the Vaastushastra are meant to creat-build-Improve the relationship between all the zones and the Brahmsthan; so that central control do not allow any excessive growth that creates the malignant increase in some sections and cuts-discrepancies in some other sections.
In general boosting the moon -Ida streams and curtailing the sun-pingala streams is the base of the Vaastu Shastra.
So to boost the good things in the house ;boosting the north and east streams is the simple key to creat transformation in everything.
पद्मसंपुट मध्यग:।।is the Shivsutra which says that where there is lotus of the first chakra and the space above is covered by the divinity ; there lies the existence of the god-shiv-tatva. Similarly in Vaastu Shastra the Padma is formed of the gems around the central zone of Brahma , in which the flowering of the virtues of the brahma happens ; which leads to the total divinity in the space.The quality of Brahma is to expand-purify-transcend ; is attained by that space.The transformation and transcend beyond the earthly matters happen in this space .
Hence the applicability of the Vaastu Shastra lies beyond the earthly pleasures and the sensuous approach.As the subject is dealt by 18 ancient sages, needless to say that its ultimate goal is to attain the salvation.
🌸Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe

🌈Sahasra-Mahavaastu🌈Boost the pace of self transformation :🌺2
The symbol Trishula as used for the northeast section simulates to the basic theory as proposed in the Shiv-Sutras.
The Shastra is called as Trika as it deals with Ichcha-Dnyan-Kriya ie Shiva-Shakti-Nar ie para-parapara-apara.As such the form Shakti is the connecter between the Shiva and the Nara.Hence the definition of the Vaastu Shastra simulates to this as वास्तुतंत्रे महातंत्रे शिवशक्तिसमोदये ।।means It is the super technique as it's base is equal importance and enhancement of the Shiva and the Shakti .Still one dimension is always additional to the Shakti as she represents the Niyati -the activator of the creator for the execution of the cosmic and the free will.The symbol of "Kaali"indicates the commanding virtue like the Niyati.When the Niti and the Niyati are in positive mode then the pace of self transformation gets automatically boosted.So seeding the will of the Niyati in the heart of the Brahma that controls the whole Vaastu-Purusha-Mandala ; is an art of the Vaastu Shastra ; so that Niti and Niyati remain always in the positive mode.The nature of the Niyati is cyclic and happenings in the life have similar mode .Thats why to understand this cyclic pattern of the time ; the term "Kaal-Chakra and Mandala of deities" is used in the traditional Shastra .So all the cyclic-mandalacar-clockwise movements have immense importance in the Vaastushastra.This cyclic mode has one more dimension of the ascension; so ascending helical streaming of the energy is important in the theory of the Vaastushastra.
🌸Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe

🌈Sahasra-Mahavaastu🌈Boost the pace of self transformation :🌺3
There are two ways of the transformation; one goes by swimming against the stream. This swimming against the streaming leads to loss of strength and is strenuous. The other way is to swim along the natural path of the stream.Likewise to attain the heaven- Svarga there are two paths namely the Pitru-Yaan and the Dev-Yaan.
The travel by the Devyaan way is in a clockwise form and ends in the northeast.This journey is a pleasure and the travel is with the Angdevtas.
All the journeys , Devyaan and Pitruyaan  start from the muladhara ie earth element ie from the southwest zone .
It is the seeding zone where the germination of the seed happens and the journey depends on the travel of the energy in the house .
If the source directions are active then the journey is in a clockwise motion towards the northeast ie towards the Shiv Chakra by joining to the Vyapini and the Yogini Shaktis.This is the ascension to the heaven that happens because of the perfect frequency of the self to enter in the mode of the self transformation.It is the travel of the Jeeva to get merged in the Shiva ; which is the self transformation.This process or way of travel to the Salvation can be checked at the small place of 500 square feet hall in the Kshetra Prabhas Patan when the lord Krishna left his physical body.
Where as if the houses have hyper active counter clockwise energy ie poison arrows ; then the journey of the Jeeva is towards the Sapt-Patal.Death-Distruction-Demolition-Discontinuity-Defamation is the route of the journey when the house contains the hyper Excitation of the sinking energy that enters the Sapt-Patala.
🌸Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe

🌈Sahasra-Mahavaastu🌈Boost the pace of self transformation :🌺4
Normally the ascension is related to the Tapa-the great penance in the standard spiritual format of the all religions.Penance and the hardship by avoiding sensuous pleasures and changing the karmik path ; is the most difficult task as well it is against the normal social demands and personal needs.This type of travel means passing through killing the mind and the natural instincts.For a normal man , such higher level of consciousness and its cosmic experience is not accessible as he is not capable to do any such penance.
Even many sadhus- sanyasis those who have attained the salvation and ascension have selected their caves with opening to the cave to source directions ie North-Northeast-East directions .
Many sadhus-sanyasi-yogis who are right now in jail due to their characters and behaviour have their houses and aashram with streaming of south-southwest-west streaming.At places southeast vithishula is a common symptom in their houses and aashrams.So sarcastically one can say that now in jail these people are doing japa-tapa.
So for the ordinary man such transformation of the self is possible through the travel and path  of the positive streams .This change in the psyche is very much subtle and passive but it is definite and long-standing.Basically it gives positive events in the life ; so the torture and tensions are released .These all north forces have connectivity to the neurones ; so this sensitivity to source directions changes the chemistry of the brain ; which effects in to the good character-habits-virtues.This is the bio-platform which nurtures the seeds of virtues and characters .Even oneself turns towards the righteous spiritual activity if he gets tuned with these source streams .
🌸Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe

🌈Sahasra-Mahavaastu🌈Boost the pace of self transformation :🌺5
Devayaan path is a positive subtle and assured path that is carved on a the west-northwest-north-norrheast-ie on the resourceful way to Ish-Tatva.Where as the Pitruyaan is the path that goes through the dark shadows of the Southwest-south-southeast ie the negative sinking path ; where the travel may end up in the Sapt-Patal and the Orbits and voids of the pishachh lok .Normally people with the Pitru dosha in the birth chart may have such houses ; so that after death there journey may happen on this sinking path of Pitru Yaan.So the tenets of the Vaastu Shastra are important for the travel of the life ; as well for the after death existence.According to the traditional spiritual sciences; pace of self transformation continues in the after death existence too; that's why the Vaastu Purusha Mandala is contributed by the All-Time ie past-present-future too.
Many things which are subtle and not visible are part of these divine sciences; so the atheists are against these oriental shastras and oppose the after death existence.But in many houses people experience the play of shadows and darkness and all these houses are under the attack of the sinking streams of the south-southwest-west streams.These are nothing but the disturbance in the pravah of the chetna, so anybody dies his energy-jeeva-panchkosha gets entangled in this skew network of negative energy and in the poison arrows.These are the traps of unsatisfied desires and incomplete wishes ;which sucks the life energy of the occupants.
All the houses where premature deaths happen have this type of trap of the negative energies due to hyper Excitation of the sink directions .
In such houses self transformation is not possible even if you are blessed by a great spiritual master or by doing any type of ritual or critical sadhana ; because the fruit is taken away by the Vikshep deities like Vikat-Putana-Jambhook of south-southwest-west.
🌸Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe

🌈Sahasra-Mahavaastu🌈Boost the pace of self transformation :🌺6
Those who are trapped in the Pitruyaan path ; amongst all those people; hardly very few who have powerful 1/5/9 signs and their lords are able to trace their ultimate goal to Ish-Tatva of the northeast zone.Rest of the human beings go in to the same movement ie travel happens towards the Sapt-Patala.Those who are able to avoid the pitru yaan ; who are exception to the rest of the human beings ; attain the salvation through the great penance and hardships.Such people become saints siddhas and yogis with many siddhis .Such few people gain authority and siddhis of the both world ie Vaam and Dakshin Tantras.They have the blessings of deities and control over Vikshep Devtas.
Otherwise the travel along the counterclockwise energy ie on the Pitruyaan path is going on the time trial of the living physically in the Narak; which as it is we discussed that it is the premature death-destruction-demolition-discontinuity-defamation events in the life.
It will start the reverse journey of disintegration-deterioration-dilapidated conditions for the ordinary man ; which can be termed as the journey of the Sapt-Patala.
As to transform the seed to plant to flower to fruit ; it needs a careful approach; which can happen only in the shadow of love and affection ; ie in the space where there are no intense forces and negative energies; such phenomena is possible only in the clockwise journey which starts from Southwest and along the west-northwest-north and ends in the northeast ie Ish-Tatva.
Hence in the Vaastushastra the sole importance is given to the set of source directions and to block the sink directions.
🌸Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe

🌈Sahasra-Mahavaastu🌈Boost the pace of self transformation :🌺7
Self transformation is a modern terminology and mainly it is used for self presentation and material growth . It means more confidence-better communication-clever approach in the life.This type of the self transformation is the psychological change and is related to your tendencies-dullness-idleness.So it is surface lateral growth and the vertical ascension in the space.Rather refilling the voids by aggression-smart moves-gains.To do these things one needs more prana-intensity-urge.Rather it is a type of ego centric act and not the intellectual faculty.So this type of self transformation is related to the earth element and to the intense fire element of the southeast zone.It is like a better presentation of one's lust and not the love. So this type of dogma to hide the vices-desperation-disintegration and treating the self by virtual expression of the goodness is now very much popular in many commercial courses run by different psychologist ; through out the globe.These activities are related to the vibrations of the Uranus-Neptune-Rahu-Venus-Mars. This activity can be explained in the traditional technical language as the development of the Annmay Kosh ; which is connected to the physical phenomenal activities and the muladhara means to the earth element ie All the sink directions.
So taking care of sink directions will energise the muladhara and will give content at Annamay Kosh ie to desire mode ; so that the real ascension through the fulfilment of the needs of physical phenomenal level is possible.Which can be said as the first level towards the self transformation.All such fulfilment at the basic level creat a real space for development ie it creates the right relationship of earth and ether ; so the positive eventology happens in the life .
🌸Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe

🌈Sahasra-Mahavaastu🌈Boost the pace of self transformation :🌺8
The Brahm Bindu is the cosmic centre where a perfect balance of the four elements happens due to the sacred geometry formed by the four triangles.Triangle is the symbol of the fire element and the energy too.So the square form with perfect position of the BrahmBindu defines the sacred fire that leads to the sacred earth element.When the earth element is symmetrical and sacred; it leads to a divine AnnaKosha ie balanced desire which acts like a Kriya Shakti that gives birth to the divine karma ; which leads to the self transformation.
When AnnaMayKosha is developed in to a divine form it connects to the Parjanya-Divine bliss -central deity in the matrix of deities of the northeast zone.This bridging of the earth to the divine bliss of the Parjanya gives a salvation through the sex ie desire .Osho had given such reference and the thought in his life by a book named "Sambhog Se Samadhi " .Obviously that got misinterpreted by the people .This act of tantra ;automatically and unknowingly happens in this mahatantra of the Vaastu Shastra .
For the ascension ; self transformation is the first step.This self transformation depends on the surroundings; which depends on the sacred form ; which is the purpose of this divine science.For the effect of the surrounding and to know it makes transformation in the self , there lies one ShivSutra as "चितिरेव चेतनपदात् अवरूढा चैत्यसंकोचिनी चित्तम् "means " As the surroundings so the energy and as the energy so the desire".So If the energy travel is counterclockwise then it gives a journey to the Sapt-Patala and if the energy is mandalakar then it leads the self to the Svarga -heaven.
🌸Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe

🌈Sahasra-Mahavaastu🌈Boost the pace of self transformation :🌺9
The Brahm Bindu is the key point of the house that defines the division of the consciousness and the shift of the brahmbindu clarifies the level and the state of the consciousness.
If the brahmbindu shifts to the southwest means in that house water element is hyper and more powerful than all other elements.If water element is hyper and powerful then it has a separating aspect .In the astrology this aspect is termed as the "Mushrif" yoga.When this separating aspect dominates in the family then a division happens in the relations leading to physical separations of the occupants.As the level of the water rises than its stipulated mark , it reduces the quality of the fire element.This reduces fire ie it leads to the "Nirbal Agni Tstva" ie weak fire element.
Weak fire element leads to coward ness and loss of self respect.Where there is loss of self respect there can not happen the self transformation. In such house transformation of the breath in to prana is not possible; then attainment of "Svara and Siddhi" is far away . The steps towards the transformation and the ascension are "Shvas-breath, Prana-rhythmic breath, Svara-Rhythmic prana and Siddhi-attainment ".When there lies positive confluence of the both Breaths ie Pranik and Jaivik breaths -energy it leads to the ordered mandalacar streaming of prana , when this streaming gets expressed in the clockwise-pradakshina Marge , it transforms in to Svara-sound , this transformation and creation of sound leads to the natural frequency-siddhis ie effortless gain. This is the holistic theory of the divine Vaastu Shastra.
🌸Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe

🌈Sahasra-Mahavaastu🌈Boost the pace of self transformation :🌺10
The Brahm Bindu shifts to the southwest then as the content and pressure of the water force increases it reduces the fire element that leads to fear syndrome. Where there is fear ; there can not happen the forward transformation but it may lead to the reverse journey to the Sapt-Patal. As the great Adi Shankara says that Mrutyu (death) and the Dnyan ( knowledge) are the two true friends in the life ; who can guide and light the path of transformation.To make mrutyu as the friend means one has crossed the land of fear and attained the plane of the Dnyan. These two processes are simultaneous and at once happen .When the travel of Sun happens towards Uttarayan -north travel ; this period is considered as right time for the mrutyu because in this period there lies natural friendship to Shiva and the activation of Yama is less.So all paths taking to the Northeast are effortlessly make the Mrutyu and Dnyan as friends . So automatically one transcends the land of fear by wings of the knowledge.
Such travel to the northeast is possible if the brahmbindu is in the right position, without any dilation.So more water element may give more prosperity but will give a fear too; that takes away oneself from the divine balance of the consciousness to the reverse mode.More water means less fire , less fire means improper formation of the earth element , weak earth means less stability in the life, less stability in the leads to fear-worry-pain. In all Such unbalancing  of the elements and the similar surroundings; there happens a loss of deivy urja ie divine energy.In such house the energy streaming goes in to counterclockwise mode ; the path that takes oneself to the sapt patala of Uranus-Neptune-Saturn-Rahu-Venus-Combusted mercury.So even more excessive area and effect of the northeast sector is not allowed in the Shastras .Thats how one understands that why the north-northeast vithishulas are counted bad like all other thrusts and forces.
🌸Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe

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