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Unveiling Infinity🌺1
This is the title of the program of *Gurudev Sri Sri Ravishankar ji * on which now let's dwell with 21 articles with connectivity to Vaastu Shastra.
Infinity is a concept for all those who live life in the geometric coordinates of material bounds.If one understands the forth dimension of the Kaal-Time then he starts his walk on the trail of infinity.
As said by Great Dnyaneshwara
उपजे ते नाशे।नाशे ते पुनरपि दिसे।।
हे घटिकायंत्र ।जैसे चालुले गा ।।
Meaning:whatever takes birth , ends.Whatever ends locates again.Its the cycle going and going on endlessly.
Or as said by Great J.Krishnamurthy "In ending there is new beginning".
So ending is important to start the new life-new sequence-new Connectivity.This is the beginning of the forth dimension ie Time.
Veil means a thin piece of material used to cover the face.So unveiling means showing the true face of something, here it's infinity.
Zero-Shoonya and the infinity-Anant are two complementary terms, one who understands Shoonya , is on the first step to know Anant,as the enquiry begins there regarding non-zero.
It is the symbol which is similar to the double knot of the Feng Shui .One can say rather that it is the symbol of a trap , that exhibits the repeativity and the mechanical continuity ; if you observe the symbol ♾ closely and cleverly.From one cycle you enter the other and again you come back to the original first cycle .There lies just the transformation and no ascension in this symbol ♾ of infinity.
If observed on the channels of the vaastu Purusha Mandala there are two diagonals , one Northwest to Southeast and the other southwest to northeast.There could be the transformation on the Mrutyu-Sutra ie Northwest to Southeast diagonal , but there lies the possibility of the ascension on the Kaam-Sutra ie southwest to northeast leading to Ishvar-Tatva with beginning from Daitya entity.
🌸Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe

Unveiling Infinity🌺2
As such finite contains infinite , so if one understands the limitations of the finite then it becomes a start of the search of the infinity.As infinite rays are thrown by the Sun and each ray  looks finite ; but as it is connected to the Sun ; it contains the thread of the infinity; like that in the life every discipline is finite but the order of the life being divine; is the reflection of the infinity.When one starts changing the orbits and feels that these orbits are unending ; he hats the grace of the infinity.Thats why Lord Krishna says in Bhagavat Geeta that never miss any cycle of karma as this cycle is going to end in me ie infinity.
The central zone of the Vaastu Kshetra contains the infinity as the deity is the Brahma.Brahma means that which is in a state of ever expanding mode ; where there is no beginning and no end.The whole matrix of deities keep rotating around this Brahman and gives rise to the gross expression of the Time.
In Buddhist system the term infinity is reflected as complementary to the zero ie Shoonyata.
When this exists -that exists
When that rises -this rises
is a mystic term in the Buddhism ; applicable to the finite and infinite ; rather the Shoonya and Ashoonya.It is explained in the Sarvāstivādin Aagam of the Buddhism.
When we speak of the finite dimensions of the house and the 81 deities ; obviously it contains the three dimensions of the time ie Past-Present-future ; which expresses itself of the infinity mode.
Here in the Vaastu Purush Mandala this works from the central zone of Brahma.Brahma controls the space-directions-time by the mandalacar streaming of the prana.This is called as " dependent origination"as says the existence of the finite and the infinity simultaneously.
🌸Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe

Unveiling Infinity🌺3
To experience the infinity a philosophical sophistication is not of any use but the personal integrity plays a divine role .As regards Vaastu Shastra  this integrity gets cultivated through the vibrations of the east matrix of the deities .The deities Indra-Ravi-Satya-Aryama are of great importance in this process of experiencing the infinity mode.Indra gives "kriyashil Ahankar "needed to build the strength to face the vastness of the domain of the infinity.Ravi is the central intense deity that gives realistic push to the rocket of the mind to enhance the frequency that can change the orbit of the self.Satya is the division which has connectivity to the both worlds of This and That.As already in the last article we have seen the reference of "This and That ".In traditional Sanatan Philosophy This means the Maya -which is part of the west zone and That means the Brahm -which is the central and the Satya division.It is the Self and the Nonself which is said as the This and the That.Except the central nine divisions , which represents "Non self" ; rest of the deities of the Vaastu Purusha Mandala are indicative of the "Self" ie the sensuous mode of the desire.
The great Bertrand Russel defines infinity as "Immeasurably subtle yet profound ".As in our religion it is called as ether or sky element as subtle yet profound  , traditionally termed as "Aakash".
In jain philosophy it is termed two fold as Asamkhyata (countless-innumerable) and Ananta(endless-unlimited).For example: As sun gives countless rays and Sun as such is endless source of the energy .Practically one has to understand like this .
As regards Vaastu Shastra , one has to understand this concept of infinity likewise as Ravi-Mitra-Vivasvan-Bhudhar all as forms of that Sun which gives this prana to visible Sun of our solar system.
🌸Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe

Unveiling Infinity🌺4
In the Ayaadi factors ; prime importance is given to Nakshatra; which signifies the connectivity to the infinity as the subtle yet profound ; to act as the medium of peace-prosperity-progress at the individual level.When reference of the individual is taken according to Lord Buddha ; individual is part and parcel of the infinite stream of consciousness.That is how one understands the terms of the Vaastu Shastra as comprehensive yet individual.
In astrology qualities of all planets are connected to the constellations, indicating that not only the solar system but the next orbit of Nakshatras is more important.This change and connectivity to the next orbit is the nature of the infinity mode .Many deities in the Vaastu Purusha Mandala are connected to many nakshatras .For example
Yama-Bharani, Agni-Kruttika,Brahma-Rohini,Som-Mrigshirsha,Shiv-Ish-Aardra,Aditi-Punarvasu,Pitru-Magha,Mrug-Purvafalguni,
Ravi -Uttarafalguni
Likewise there could be a bigger list that shows the connectivity to the infinity.As it is we call Grah-Tatva-Devta-Disha-Urja as the Panchayatan (five dimensions) of the Vaastu Shastra, which implies its infinite spread and effectively from subtle to gross .The basic principle of all these oriental shastras is "As in macrocosm so in microcosm" called as "Pind-Brahmand-Nyay" signifies the definition as said by Bertrand Russel " "immeasurably subtle yet profound ".There are different orbits in the Vaastushastra, which are multifold and applicable in quite different ways.One fault in the house will reflect in different ways in the people of the same family. For example :if the fault lies in the northwest zone may lead to late marriage of the daughters .For the GruhSvami it may reflect in distorted social relations and in case of his wife it may reflect by irregular monthly cycles.Again it's effect depends on the basic constitution of the person, means it depends on the power of the basic birth chart too. Same fault may give more suffering on the second floor , if the occupant is facing the mahadasha of the malefic planet.Likewise one has to understand the activity of forces with larger and deeper concept of this divine Shastra.
🌸Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe

Unveiling Infinity🌺5
In Ishavasyopnishad it is referred as Poorn.If you subtract or add anything in the poorn, it remains as poorn.It is the ultimate reality beyond which there is no cause and the reason .Same poorn becomes Shoonya in the Buddhist thought , but it becomes so in the shadow of (udasinata)-somber .Where as the poorn-bhav ie completion of the life is the purpose of the Sanatan-Dharma.The Vaastu Purusha Mandala is the reflection of this Poornvaad.At four different stages of the life , at the end of each stage there is a feel of complete content; for that matter only a sequence of Grah-Tatva-Devta-Disha-Urja is necessary in the house and the life too.
The need of each range of the age is different and the breath cycles too have different rhythms.According to this rhythm ; the breath of each range of the age is connected to the specific element; so to particular zone.Accordingly the classification as southeast to sons,south to master and northwest to the daughters is done in the traditional Vaastu Shastra.
It is the travel of the Anant-Infinity , through the understanding of the Breath that ends every moment , means that which is finite .In ending the childhood , you begin the married life of joy and responsibilities ie well said by Master J Krishnamurthy as "In ending , there is new beginning".
The activity and the pattern of breath are together through out the life.According to the pattern of the breath , element changes; hence in the Vaastushastra the zone changes too.The organics of the body-mind-intellect is related to the cycles of the breath.So the sacred secret of the breath for balancing the object-emotion-thought is skilfully imbibed by 18 ancient sages in the theory and the practice of the Vaastushastra.
🌸Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe

Unveiling Infinity🌺6
This thought of the infinity can be traced in many verses of Upanishads.
For example :
Fire is His head, the sun and moon His eyes, space His ears, the Vedas His speech, the wind His breath, the universe His heart. From His feet the Earth has originated. Verily, He is the inner self of all beings.
Here similar to Kaal Purusha and the Vaastu Purusha; a total symbolic sketch is done of this infinite universe but in a finite module.
As at miniature level we compare the Vaastu Purusha to the total life by breath-different age bars-various family members-organs of the occupants-45 deities-five great elements.So it is the age old and ancient system of observing the infinite in the finite coordinates of the life and understanding the further existence and the continuity of the life.
Well said in the upanishad as
"There is no joy in the finite; there is joy only in the Infinite."
In Vaastu Shastra this is reflected by connecting all the matrix of deities to the central zone Brahmsthan.As Brahmsthan acts as the imperishable source of all types of energies ; centripetal organisation of all the deities and elements is the principle of the Vaastu Shastra.There could be pleasures in the zones and directions, but the joy-celebrations-happiness lies in the connectivity to the central reality of the Brahmsthan; which is infinite in the virtues and qualities.
As said elsewhere regarding Eternity and Infinity:
Infinity is a procedure in time. The universe is infinite, because you can traverse it forever. A number line is infinite because you can count forever.Eternity is outside of time. A clock "has the experience" of eternity, because their is no memory and perception to create time. The now is eternal, because although the forms change constantly, it's always just now.
As said by Great Ganapati Sthapati as
There is Om-Sound that dictates the terms of infinite space and the Om Light that stretches you to eternity.
So infinity and eternity are in a way complementary and complex terms .
🌸Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe

Unveiling Infinity🌺7
The concepts of eternity and the infinity are the pinnacle of the human wisdom.In Buddhism it is narrated as Shoonyata and the Nirvana.The cycle of the Jeeva till moksha is so long and the process is so passive and subtle ; hence this travel one finds eternal and infinite.
The infinity gets unveiled when one attains the non-self state;  as the self means thought and thought is limited ; so that travel with thought is trivial .
Hence in Buddhism it is symbolised by four states and reflected in the Borobudur Temple as Kaam-Dhatu, Roop-Dhatu,Arup-Dhatu and Nirvana .Nirvana is the Shoonyata-Moksha-Break in the orbits of cycles of Jeeva.In Vaastu Shastra it is reflected by ascending helical streaming of the energy that helps for ascension of the consciousness.It is the gradual movement in the life that unveils the infinity by attaining the higher and higher orbits as stated by Kaam-Roop-Aroop-Nirvana.
With the age the travel starts from southeast to south to north and northeast for the bedroom in the males .For women it starts from northwest to northeast but for a major portion it is in the south-southwest zone during the married life ; for the bedroom.
As the Nidra-sleep is termed as the second samadhi state by the Aadi-Shankara as"Nidra Samadhisthitih", bedroom as immense importance in the house.It is the state when the total natural  faculty of the person is surrendered to the nature;as in the sleep body-mind-intellect becomes passive .So axis-zone-direction while sleeping plays important role in the development of the self .This connectivity to the nature by surrender of all the important activities and faculties of the self , needs to be perfect ; otherwise the Vikshep deities take away the inbuilt powers of the divinity from the aura of the person.It leads to psychological and spiritual weakness and a type of deterioration of the soulful qualities of the person.Hence sleep is the wonderful state if organised properly by right axis -zone-direction can creat the betterment in the aura of the person effortlessly.
🌸Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe

Unveiling Infinity🌺8
In the traditional language infinity means" Ananta".It is one of the qualities of the Brahman , as said "Satyam-Dnyanam-Anantam-Brahma".
The great Dnyaneshvara says "Satya-Dnyananat-Gaganache Pravarna"means "Ananta is that which can cover the vastness of the sky by its subtle and the comprehensive virtue and it is another name  of the Brahman .As regards its human aspect, one shall understand the effects of any thought-emotion-action as the "Ananta "-infinite as its effects spread all over the life of that person and spoils or develops his personality.This is the reason that the subject of the Vaastu Shastra is developed by 18 sages , to understand the relationship of the consciousness and the aspirations of the zones and directions.
The quality of the Satyam and the vibrations that creat the connectivity to the Satyam is assigned in the east zone of the Vaastu Purusha Mandala.
It is the division on the right side of the east matrix of the deities. Right side is related to the hardship-Tapa ; indicating the path of the Satya as the hard and difficult travel.
When the enhanced vibrations of the Mahendra-pad is available and a controlled vibrations of the Ravi-Pad is maintained ; then it gives a strength to transcend the hardships of the Satya-Pad.
Enhancement-Control-Transcend is the trio-trika of all these Shastras that builds the strength to unveil the secret of the sacred infinity.
In the subject astrology alternate dasha is good and bad , in the bad period one develops the virtue and in the good period the travel of life to virtue continues.
Whenever a fault lies in between this travel goes reverse and the consciousness starts connecting to the vices due to the vibrations of the deities like Asura-Pitaras-Vikshep Devtas.
🌸Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe

Unveiling Infinity🌺9
The matrix of deities-five great elements-energy streams contribute to the self consciousness -human attachments and freedom therefrom .The central zone where Brahma is placed exists by its sound as "Aumssss".A-U-M the three letters are connected to three vedas,three worlds Svarga-Pruthvi-Patal and representing sun-moon -agni .The Spiritual sound quality is attached to AUM because of the anusvara -bindu called as "ardhmatra".The creation of all yantras and its form as the tantra is the reflection of this anusvara.In the Vaastu Shastra it is the reflection as the Brahmbindu.
The self consciousness is represented by the four sub-directions and subsequently by the four great elements with their visual expression by colours and divine expression as the mantraBeej as Hum-Ssum-Shhum-shham-Aum.As the sound is the base of all creations and quality of sound depends on the form through which it travels, the cultivation of the form has immense meaning-which is the purpose of this divine Shastra.
Whenever the travel of the energy happens in the divine sacred form , energy enters in the sound mode .This sound creat the divine deities and the elements in that divine sacred form , which is the Vaastu Purusha Mandala.
As in the mantra Shastra the sound vowels are situated in the different parts of the body and in consequence connected to deities , is the base of the ascension and transformation, that yields to the unveiling of the infinity, so is reflected in the Vaastu Shastra by matrix of deities and five great elements in the sacred form.
The ascension and transformation as the prerequisite to the unveiling of the infinity gets induced in the occupants; when the surroundings is blessed by the sequence of Grah-Tatva-Devta-Disha-Urja.
🌸Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe

Unveiling Infinity🌺10
The sound of Om is compared to the sound made by a metallic vessel or the sound of a bell, which gradually terminates into silence.Silence is the state where self is absent.As said by great master J.Krishnmurthy "Beauty is , where self is not ".Satyam-Shivam-Sundaram " is the reflection of the Brahman.
Only selfless state can enter in to the act of unveiling the infinity.In Borobudur there seventy two statues of Tathagat Buddha placed in the bell shaped shields to enumerate the importance of the form.The way in which the bell produces a perfect sound ,and since such sound is related to the form and a metal ;it proves the importance of the form and the material of which this form is cultivated.
Only in the state of silence , there is possibility of transcending the finite.The concept of Pind and Brahmand ie microcosm and macrocosm implies the travel towards the infinity.This Connectivity of microcosm and macrocosm happens by following the system-order-discipline in the construction of The microcosm,which is the basic principle of the Vaastu Shastra too.
All the rituals of the Vaastu Shastra like Ratnadhyay-Up Peeth Rachana -Dhatu Adhyay -Vaastu Nabhi Shanku ;are based on this principle of Pind-Brahmand-Nyay.So unveiling the infinity through understanding of the finite happens through all these rituals .
For example Placement of Ruby in Brahmsthan,connects house to the entire solar system and the house becomes in the universal order and rhythm.Activation of the Brahmsthan induces the brahmand lahari that activate the expansive virtue in the matrix of deities, leading to the strengthening of the elements.
This is the magic of rituals that bestows the surroundings that can act as the port of ascension to unveil the secret of infinity.
🌸Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe

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