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Ten cardinal directions are the aspirations and the vibrations of the Dash Mahavidya ,as the Sati -Shivas first consort surrounded Lord Shiva in all the ten cardinal directions.The enraged Sati transformed herself in to Dash Mahavidyas and surrounded the lord Shiva in the utmost subtle tenfold aspirations.This expansive folds in the Parashakti and the Mool Prakriti created the sequence of the Brahma with the Lord Shiva .Hence the Vaastushastra with its parameters as the Earth element is equated to Ma Parvati ,folds in the ten directions as the Ma Sati and the central zone as the Lord Shiva in the form of the Brahma or Purusha.As all Tantras raise their power in to form of the Shakti ,which is Sati and the base of the sacred geometry as the Ma Parvati leading to the dance of Lord Shiva as the Aanand-Tandava ;so all Tantras are the completion of the sequence of the Sati-Parvati-Shiva.
As the goal of the Tantras is fulfilment of the desires to ascend in the formless field of the Shakti ,in its highest form as the Lingam ,it is the true expression of the Shiv-Shakti-Samaveshan .This holistic theory is the sacred expression of the Ling-Bhairavi .Where there happens the confluence of the three tatvas,there happens the expression of the Ling Bhairavi .As in the Gandharva-Veda ie Music ;Svar-Shruti-Lay forms this sequence,in the yogshastra prana-mudra-breath forms the similar sequence and the Sthapatya-Veda ,Element-Energy-Directions forms the similar sequence ,so all these branches of the oriental philosophy are termed as the Maha-Tantra and the means of the Sri-Vidya-Technique.
🌈Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe

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