Vaastu interior

🌺Sahasra-Mahavaastu 🌺
🌈Vaastu-Interior :
It is a wonderful way to control the negativity of the west zone and to protect the positive virtues of the wind element.A controlled wind element acts like a breeze and gives happiness.Wind element plays important role in the public structures as regards name-fame-foot fall -monopoly.But the expression in such case needs to be sacred-symmetric-controlled.Otherwise a vithishula effect of west-northwest zone can give a stroke of public defamation that can lead to even suicide .The dazzling blue colour is a combination of the Exhalted Saturn -wind element and Neptune ,which are effective in increasing a foot fall in the public and the commercial premises .Particularly in the evening,it adds the vibrations of the prosperity,as the Neptune acts as second Venus .If these blue chips are organised in a sacred geometry form with some illuminations then its tranquility becomes the means of attraction to the occupants .
When west is open then excitation of these vibrations lead to fights-quarrels -disagreement along with troubles due to labour .In such cases in that commercial place ,one can use such interior arrangements,so that the absorption of these west vibrations happen along with the beautification of the place.Use of silver circular metal pipes with a couple and pair effect attracts the young couples due to this Venus -wind-controlled west vibrations.
According to fengshui ,such pipe represents the wood element which indicates the future growth-flowering-live environment.
🌈Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe

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