Business Vaastu Course

🌺Sahasra-Mahavaastu 🌺
*Business Vaastu Course*
February 28-29 AND 1 MARCH 2020 *Pune*By
Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe 9822011050
1.All shapes of shops :
Effects-Remedies-Traditional Sutras.
2.Offices:Shapes-Ratio Proportions-Sizes.
3.Factories:Ideal shapes of factories to give higher productivity-sale of materials-least labour problems -order-disciplines.
4.Academic Institutions
classrooms -reception-Chancellor's office. Acounts and finance.
5.Hotels :Vaastu Interiors to attract more foot fall.
6.Bars and Restaurants :
Presentation of liquors-wines-crockery -cakes-Creams.
7.Hospitals-Dispensaries :
Classification of the zones and activity orientation like operation theatres -storage-out patient departments-minor operation theatre-medical shops-Acounts and finances.
8.Software Companies:Glass facades and treatments,Table tops and computer facings ,server rooms,Cubicals,Smoking zones and entertainment zones,food serving units .
9.Banks-financial institutes :placement of safe deposits lockers,cashier position,clerical section,officers zone and offices ,counters and staff .
10.Aashrams-Temples-Religious places .
11.Mangal Karyalaya-Celebration Halls
Special Chakra Pujas for
A)Creativity in offices-factories.
B)Personal Prosperity
C) Order and discipline in working unit .
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