Vaastu Architecture

1. Five great elements are five different expressions of one unified homogeneous form of the cosmic energy . Sometimes when it saturates at one place with hard and dense form then it is termed as earth element. When it starts streaming on this earth then same is called as water element. Whenever it expresses itself with light and high thermal effects then it is termed as fire element. Whenever it blows as the air in the surroundings then it is termed as the wind element. Whenever that energy becomes a medium for the wind to move on then that space is called as the ether element.
Every existence is nothing but has certain frequency that decides it's classification as the element or connectivity to that element.
2. The origin of vaastushastra is more than ten thousands years earlier with its reference from ancient sages from Brugu-Atri-Vasishtha etc. In those days for performance of certain fire rituals the rules of the vaastushastra were used to gained the profits. The rules of clockwise streaming of energy is based on the virtues-breath-movement. Most of the rules-there effectivity and the truth can be traced from many historical structures as regards the eventology. This sequence of eventology to the forms of the houses is the basic theme of the vaastushastra. So the main focus of this Indian Style of architecture is to gain the maximum profit at all levels by formation of the right relationship to the surroundings and spaces .
3. Western style of architecture is disciplined with grid planning to attain the symmetry and better physical circulation ; where as this Indian style of architecture takes account of this grid planning in a dynamic way and makes the process of planning more interesting as well is related to the consciousness of humans. It's aim is to reduce the voids and to create the spaces which are tuned to pranik energy. This makes the spaces more organic so that virtuous changes may happen in the occupants.
Relationship of the consciousness to the spaces yields the prana in every activity ; where as if it gets related to the voids then every activity can not gain the frequency that is needed for any aim and work .
4. There are two types of energies in world .One energy is related to the creation where as another energy is related to the multiplication of that creation in a modular ordered way.
The first energy is termed as the prana where as the other energy is termed as organic streams . Creation is related to the Sun so to the east zone where as the organic processes are dependent on the electromagnetic flux ; so on the north as the main source of this organic energy. While planning the structures these organic and pranik streams are organised in the spaces by formation of the dynamic grids . Traditionally these channels are given the names as deities which carry the aura of these energies.
5. In traditional theory the earth is the medium through which this excitation of the energy happens . So the slopes of the ground-density of the ground-shapes of the plots play a very important role in the energetics of that Vaastu .These slopes means there lies variations in the content of the earth and this variation is related to emergence of the energy. If this variation is not tuned to the order of the nature then it disturbs the life of the occupants. The planned house acts as the container of the earth which contains the spaces of ether. If instead of spaces there lies asymmetric formations of the voids then that deteriorates the life.So deletion of voids and creation of spaces on the basis of form of the house is the basic theme of this Ancient Indian Vaastushastra.

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