Vaastu Mystica

3. The purpose of the whole existence is to break this iron curtain and see the reality from where the everything begins and enters to that where it ends. Your connectivity to that lake of infinity to gain the cosmic actuality and not the present ambiguity is the tag line of all shastras . Such a state that removes the obstacles and the journey becomes the eternal pleasure with fluctuations on the higher dimensions; for which the anchor point becomes the Brahmsthan and the road to eternity begins from Muladhara ie earth element ie southwest and enters beyond the ether ie northeast ie Sahasrara . The soul enters the boundless that lies beyond the orbits and the beyond the zone of the vaastu Brahma. This is termed as the Chaturyat state or Turiya state in the slang language. The forth state where the time diminishes as the bounds of the directions become way behind and the way too ends in the anti gravitational pull ; which basically lies within the self and the Brahmsthan of the house.

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