Vaastu Mystica

*Vaastu Mystica*
1. Anything that is square or rectangular has a definite stability and so signifies earth element.Human consciousness has four nodes -pillars signify the earth element too. So to satisfy the needs of these four pillars one needs this support of earth element-which has all the formations like sound-touch-form-nectar-smell . So in vaastu there lies immense importance to the square and rectangle as the basic module .
So as per the expression of the dimensions and pillars of this consciousness ; other geometric forms activate and signify that pillar and the element. So any circular form attached that house excites the more effects-virtues-qualities of the wind element in the occupants staying in that house. This effect will be grossly visible in the person whose chart has activation of the 3-7-11 wind signs. Likewise the effects may vary in person to person according to his basic constitution .
That is how the geometry that creates the third dimension forms spaces or voids as per it's sacred or evil formations.
Whenever anything involves the three dimensions;choiceless to say that it gets connected to the forth dimension -that is Time and rotates along with the motion of the earth but with it's own fate as has independent existence due to it's own shape and the spread.
So it's breath is no more in concurrence of the breath of the earth and this creates the paradox of the eventology in the life of the occupants.
In traditional Sthapatya Vidya ;each structure is given with some life span ;after which it dies by itself . This life span is termed as the Aayurday of that structure in the classical terminology and depends on it's virtue to get correlated to the positive breath and less friction. If that structure forms the geometric prism then it's one of the most powerful forms that can survive for thousand years and acts as the divine shelter to all those occupants;who experience the ascension in the life.
Each person has his own baggage that define his life-pain-happiness-sorrow-disease according to his cycle of deeds-Karma.But ancient sages created the divine science of the vaastu to reduce the pain and to enhance the happiness ; by using the form and geometry around the human beings that creates his surroundings. The most astonishing thing is that in modern houses too one experiences this travel of moments in the life of the occupants as pain or pleasure.So applicability of this Vaastu Vidya -Sthapatya Veda is proved to be in a way eternal .

2. The diagonal of this square is the base of the energy triangle leading to two triangles -out of four corners of this square. These are in a way Shiva and Shakti triangles that leads to vaastu as the Tantra as the basic module of the Tantra is energy-fire element that signifies the triangle.When these triangles are in sacred geometry with equal base they comprehend the positive Tantra and when these triangles become odd in shape they create the negative Tantra.
This is said in classical verse as SHIV SHAKTI SAMODAYA which gives equal importance to the Shiva and the Shakti ie two triangles here in sacred expression of the form.As said whenever such thing happens then it becomes the super technique -a super science termed as *Mahatantra*.
One's desires spring from the earth element; more specifically from the Muladhara chakra. As earth signifies the physical body which is the means of fulfilment of all material desires and same becomes the land that creates the desires.
So if the earth becomes sacred then desires vanish or take the divine form too.
Earth is made sacred by form as well by Up Peeth Rachana . In Up Peeth Rachana chidvastus are established under the floor in the house and around 27" deep in the soil on the plot .
Wishes ascend in the ether from the earth and the blessings descend from the ether. If they match the frequency then desires flower in the satisfaction leading to the ascension of the consciousness.

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