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Such open well staircases create the well -depression on upper floors at its central zone. If planned to south or west then it creates the distracted sky ie Viprit Antaral ; then it's effects are severe on the occupants. As there lies a huge window facade that gives ample of light from south and west then it intensify the effect of the vibrations of the Viprit Antaral . These vibrations are of sinking streams of the energy and are related to the Apaan Vayu ; so they suck all the positive energy from the house and create the breaks in the mandalacar streaming of the energetics of that Vaastu.
These open wells in the sink zones act as the voids which are ruled by the cruel planets like Rahu and Saturn ; so their effects are also like the Pitru dosha and fatal in the personal as well in the public life.
If it happens in the west zone then it gives defamation and disagreement in the life . If it happens in the south zone then it gives accidents-bed ridden state-detachment from family.
If such open wells are in the southeast zone then it's effects are seen in young growing sons ; particularly they suffer by allergies or by erratic behaviour or accidents.
If it happens to the southwest zone then it may give psychological illness to the owner and with malific transits of the planets may lead to suicidal tendencies.
In such cases to break the dark clouds of reverse energy ; erect one Vishnukanta Stambha at the centre of the well ; so it absorbs and regulates this negative energy .For west zone it is advisable to do the Bronze or stainless paneling to such pillars so that it adds the positive vibrations of the Mercury-Saturn-Venus ; which are main planets of the west zone. Along with this pillar keep some pebbles from sacred river at the base . A bonsai of people tree at the base of the Stambha gives organic positivity to the zone as peepal is the tree of the west zone.
For the south zone use the stone pillars with paneling of the copper foil on the surface .
If these pillars are like pipes then add the chidvastus of that zone in this gap along with helix at the base and metal or stone lingam on such helix . Such assembly when added to in pipe of the pillar they establish the sequence of the deity with direction and element of that zone .

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