Sahasra MahaVaastu
Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe

When commercial buildings are fully ventilated from all the four sides then such forms do not give good result as regards the eventology and the future. Effect of the south light is intensely negative than the any positivity created by the north light ; so as such these openings to both ends of the organic axis is not good . Though physically one may feel that lot of light gives better illumination.
Mainly for commercial premises if given on rent create discontinuity in the contracts many times . This discontinuity
leads to fights and violence amongst the owner and the tenant leading to loss of money and wealth .
Along with this if the basement lies to the south and the west zones then it gives severe negative results like violence-crime-terrorist activity.
Any light that travels vertically down or diagonally is more detrimental than the lateral travel of the light ; as this light directly falls on the floor.
So skylight and windows at ceiling level are not good for the south and west facades.
Where as such windows to north and east facades give very good results in the eventology.
If such south and west light reaches up to Brahmsthan then it disturbs the vibrations of the brahma and in such cases this light becomes a severe fault of the Vaastu .
It's necessary to treat this light by expression of the gross or atleast subtle earth element; so that the intensity gets reduced. After this by using various yantrams-metals-colours-lingams -level difference-false ceilings ; remaining corrections are possible to improve the energetics of that place.
Similarly the vertical slits as shown in the photo intensify the energy like the shools . Such shools are not good for any direction. Where ever such light travels it hits the occupants leading to deterioration of psychological powers-stress-depression-conflicts.

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