International Course On Astrology and Vaastu-Ayadhi

First day
1) Planets and their role in prediction 
2) Houses and their role in prediction
3)Chants-Aura-Breath cycles
4) Case studies
Second day
1) Aspects of planets and prediction
2) Transit of planets and prediction
3) Astro Vaastu Remedies
4) Case studies
Third day
1) Traditional Yogas 
2) Remedies
3) Case studies
First day
1) Concept and philosophy of Ayadhi
2) Form-Ratio-Proportions
3) Personal Vaastu and Star Value
4) Family and Astro reflection 
5) Genetical relevance of ratios
Second Day
1) Shad Varg Bal
2) Application of six factors in practical life
3) Wavelengths-Connectivity-Cosmic Reality
4) Vibrations-Waves-Sound-Light
5) Casestudies 
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