Sahasra -Mahavaastu

27/01/17, 1:33:50 PM: N H Sahasrabuddhe: 1) Expression of mind is in form of some subtle waves created by activity of brain .When surrounding is imbalanced means it is a collective effect of disturbed elements and asymmetric forms -waves of energy .When person dwells in such places he is obviously is in connection of negative spirits and networks of disturbed residues of emotions of disturbed people of grid and anger around him.Its reflection can be seen in the eccentric actions of the occupants ,so it needs some improvement as regards elements-energy and waveforms.This is the base of Tantra Vaastu .
27/01/17, 1:33:50 PM: N H Sahasrabuddhe: 2) Brain waves is the outcome of integrity of vast spread of neurones .Neurones have north sensitivity and as well some of them have connectivity to solar flux too.The subject of Vaastu gives immense importance first to north and then to east.Rather this subject is based on sacred geometry of forms and sacred formations of waves.Hence in the perfect house due to balanced state of elements and energy body-mind-intellect automatically goes in the meditative and healthy mode.Facing north or east directions along with head to south or east ,is also based on the streaming of energies and state and relation of neutrons to energy streams ;leading ultimately to healthy organics of the four pillars of consciousness .

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