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19/01/17, 2:17:19 PM: N H Sahasrabuddhe: Tantra means technique.Technique is an art of assembling different constituents in a sacred combination to give a mode of creation to the being and to the surrounding.When it is directly related to the being, then it's the alchemy to transform the four pillars of consciousness by using tools like Breath-Chants-Rituals-Postures-Meditations.When it percolates through the surrounding in the being then it's the art of astrology clubbed with the technique of vaastushastra.
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19/01/17, 2:17:19 PM: N H Sahasrabuddhe: 1) Five great elements are connected to directions-consciousness -colours -forms-sound and light.So corrections in the combination of five great elements is possible by using the mediums likes Vibrations-Waves-Sound-Light as the basic parameters.This art of corrections is nothing but the Tantra-Practice.
19/01/17, 2:17:19 PM: N H Sahasrabuddhe: 2) Designs and Forms when get connected to sacred designs then automatically becomes the abode of deities where divinity becomes as natural as there is light and sun in the sky ,when there is a morning.Yantras are such mystique sacred designs where grace of deities resides naturally.These yantras are specific combination of the forms of five great elements ,so that it evolves the particular frequency of energy ,required to fulfil the purpose of particular motive and attainment.
19/01/17, 2:17:19 PM: N H Sahasrabuddhe: 3) Each direction is related to particular element -deity-planet.So evolvement of specific frequency to synchronise the consciousness to virtue ,these vibrations play an important role.The art of creating such divine vibrations by using light and sound along with the designs of space and elements is the basic foundation of the practice of Tantra.It is nothing but a technique that assembles even the different conflicting constituents in an ordered disciplines sacred forms.
19/01/17, 2:17:19 PM: N H Sahasrabuddhe: 4) When vibrations are embedded in earth element,there effectivity becomes subtle and they start purifying the gross and as well subtle existence.Thats why in Yogeshsatara ,the journey starts with Muladhara Chakra of which the formation is of earth element.So all beginnings-survivals-ending has continuous connectivity to earth element.In this regards Vaastu is such science that is based on Bhoomi means earth element.Hence seeding the virtues of planets-elements-deities is the main ritual in vaastushastra.When vibrations-waves emerge from soil the aura of sound and light gets accumulated in the surrounding which is base of Tantra-Vaastu.
19/01/17, 2:17:19 PM: N H Sahasrabuddhe: 5) Aadhibhoutik means physical phenomenon which is the gross earth element .Aadhideivik means psychological which is the subtle wind -water-prana element.Aadhyatmic means spiritual which is the subtlest core of total existence.Activation of light-energy-ether improves the connectivity to soul ;inturn which percolates in the psyche .Whereas physical vibrations creat the improvement in the orbit of psyche.So psyche is the place where confluence of earth and ether is possible ;which is the base of Tantra-Philosophy.
19/01/17, 2:17:19 PM: N H Sahasrabuddhe: 6) In vaastushastra each sub-direction is assigned by specific mantra beej ;which creat the energy as well the element in the earth zone and in the surrounding .So vibrations is the foundation of all tantra practice ;which is effected sometimes by seeding metals-yantras-auspicious stones in the plinth or by rituals in the ether or by light in the surrounding.In more scientific terminology it's base can be said as Rhythm-Synchronicity-frequency.

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