Ayadi Vaastu

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🌸Ayadi Concept Needs Rethought 🌸
Modern scientific community will not approve the theory and reasoning as proposed by the Ayadi Calculations; though the related experts do use the language of the modern science as quantas and resonance and wavelength.
But this scientific community can not deny the relation of neurone and its north sensitivity .As in Vaastushastra ,we consider north as the prime source direction of organic streams ie traditionally termed as Jaivik Urja.North acts as the source direction of energy for 24 hours - AhoRatri.Hence there is customary to denote North on drawings and north grid carries the immense meaning.In modern structures , wisdom lies in giving importance to enhancing the energies and elements, than remaining fixed to mathematical forms of Ayadi.

🌈Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe 🌈

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