🌺Sahasra-Mahavaastu 🌺21.Vikshep-Devata:
Northeast zone is equated to water element but this water has much more divine virtues than the water of the north zone.Since this water ie Aap-Aspvatsa is surrounded by all the divine deities it contains the purifying virtue like the Ganga.On the map of India if we observe then we see the position of Ganga in the northeast zone and almost in the Aap Aapvatsa zone.
Traditional values-spiritual attitude-quiet behaviour are the attributes of this zone.Purity of consciousness-clarity in action and godhood are the blessings of this direction.
The Vikshep deity of this zone means that force which creat the resistance-impedance-friction to the streaming of the water and light elements.As this is the main zone of the water element,if this zone has fault then it disturb the energetics of the entire vasstu purusha mandala.As water has natural quality to creat the mandalas any fault over here breaks the mandalas of the cosmic energies .
Vikshep deity of this zone is Charaki .If charaki is hyper active then it pollutes the purity and divinity of this zone.If Charaki is hyper active then it reduces the strength of the water element,so that instead of the mandalacar streaming of energy,energy shows the counterclockwise loops .
If Charaki is active means blessings of the god are missing;which leads to incompleteness in each dimension of the life.
🌈Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe

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