Vikshep devta

🌺Sahasra-Mahavaastu 🌺11.Vikshep-Devata:
Vikat is the name of the Vikshep deity of the south.Meaning of this word Vikat is horror-fearsome-hard-cruel-unbeatable.Actually there is the similar expression of the negative cosmic breath namely Pingala,which emanates from the south zone.So excitation of the Vikat can be controlled only by gross-powerful-stable earth element;as earth is the only element in which total absorption of the negative currents is possible.So When there lies weak expression of the earth element to the south zone then the activation of the Vikat-the Vikshep devta happens.
As to reduce the vibrations of the deity Vikat we use the powerful earth element as the remedy,it means the enemy element to the earth is the nature of the Vikat .It means expression of the Vikat will be with the qualities of ether-light-wind-water .Water washes away the earth,wind reduces the earth by friction,where there is light there is no earth.
As the main sink directions are attached to the south zone ,it needs a serious attention to the vibrations of the Vikshep devta Vikat .Terraces to the south zone-depression-well-C type ducts-French windows-large site margins -hitting roads like vithishula-Intense light are some features which give excitation to the deity Vikat.
🌈Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe

🌺Sahasra-Mahavaastu 🌺12.Vikshep-Devata:
For main directions the volatile destructive vibrations of the Vikshep devata mainly happens by using the energy channels .Where as for the sub-directions this attack happens by using the medium of the element.Since the sub directions are zones of confluence of two energy streams ,secondarily the effect of the Vikshep devata results through the energy paths too .
Primarily by blocking the positive streaming of the Sutra devata ,the play of the Vikshep devata begins.
Sutra devatas form the grid of the energies leading to the important nodes in the Vaastu Purusha Mandala.These nodes are the most sensitive points on the body of the Vaastu Purusha and act like the pulse of the cosmic energy.
When the energy channel gets disturbed by the Vikshep devata then the connected nodes do not vibrate with their natural frequency.This disturbance in the frequency leads to the desynchronising of the various factors in the organics of the Vaastu Purusha.Desynchronised pattern leads to loss of the rhythm leading to the noise and the friction of the energetics of the Vaastu Kshetra.
Resistance-impedance-friction are the reflections of the increased activity of the Vikshep devatas.These Blockages lead to differential speed of the cycles of the times leading to mismatch of the physical body and the desires of the mind .When cycles of time get disturbed then the eventology connected to house automatically leads to pain-sorrow-torture.
🌈Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe

🌺Sahasra-Mahavaastu 🌺13.Vikshep-Devata:
Southwest zone is assigned with the earth element.So destabilising the earth element is done by the Vikshep devata "Putana" of this zone.Activity of Putana can be equated to the planet Rahu,as Astrologically Rahu is assigned to the southwest zone.Rahu represents the polluted wind element with poisonous attack.
Seeding-growth-multiplications happens only through the earth element.This is applicable for the entire eventology and not related only to the reproduction cycle of the owner.If southwest zone as powerful- fruitful -healthy earth element then that factory shows multiple growth in different products and financial growth too.One perfect vaastu friendly space gives birth to multiple opportunities of business elsewhere too.
Whenever the earth element is weak then the activation of the Vikshep deity Putana forces its poison arrows on the deity Indra -seed central deity of the southwest zone.
The personal strength-thirst of success-winning stroke are the virtues of the deity Indra ,which is the Ang Devata of the southwest zone.This activation of the Vikshep deity Putana and the weak earth element reduce the strength of this Ang devata ,leading to above mentioned vices in the occupants.
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🌺Sahasra-Mahavaastu 🌺14.Vikshep-Devata:
South-southwest are termed as the place of romance.Its reflection lies in Ratnadhyay by embedding the diamond in the Indra division of the southwest corner.It is the main zone of the Apana ,so any problems related to stomach can be clubbed with fault of the southwest zone.
Any type of discontinuity in life can be assigned to the faults of the southwest zone ,means it is the indication of the intervention of the deity Putana in the orbit level or in the nucleus of the southwest zone.
If the fault is not serious then it happens at the orbit-Aavaran devata level.If the fault is like the vithishula then it cracks all the mandalas of the nucleus.
When the serious fault happens in this zone then the Aavaran deities spin with varied rhythm that leads to the counterclockwise waves in the matrix of this zone.This negative streaming and the direct poisonous arrows arrest all the positive activity of the nucleus-Ang devata.
This is called as the reverse dynamics of the deities ,leading to all types of losses.
As we know that the earth is the only element that can control any type of network of the energy,so Te articles like lead pyramids-lead helix-Stambhas can stabilise these counterclockwise negativity of the energy.Even raised floors in this zone by using the river pebbles to raise it,gives very good effects to do the balancing of the energy matter equation of this zone.
🌈Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe

🌺Sahasra-Mahavaastu 🌺15.Vikshep-Devata:
West is one of the main sinking direction in a different dimension.Every day sun sets in west ,so it is the direction that diminishes the aura of the prana every day .Where as every no moon night; at each thirty days Moon dooms down in the west ,so all the moon virtues are galloped by this direction.In Jainism it is said as the Padmant Disha ,ie the direction were the lotus dooms down.So the Vikshep deity Jambhuka is connected to this activity of ending prana,ending the grace of moon and dooming the lotus too.
So encroachment-swallowing-galloping are the activities of the Vikshep deity Jambhuka of the west zone.Thats why it is said that west streams play disagreements in the every walk of the life.
The set of planets connected to the west directions are Venus-Mercury-Saturn-Rahu-Uranus.Here the activity of the Rahu spoils the characters of the Mercury and Venus leading to intensifying the desires of the person.And Saturn plays disagreement with all these intensified desires ,like a small pinch of salt in a milk.
Where as the Uranus shows the dreams beyond one's capacity;so again leading to pain and torture to the person.So all these vices are clubbed with the Vikshep deity Jambhuka with different colours and modes.So excitation of the vibrations of the west are rightly said as dooming of a lotus where its beauty-fragrance-grace ends with bumblebee getting caged everyday .
🌈Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe

🌺Sahasra-Mahavaastu 🌺16.Vikshep-Devata:
West is connected to the seventh house in the birth chart .Seventh house decides the happiness through marriage,relations in partnership,court matters ,fights and general conditions in the business too.Its reflection in the vaastu can be identified on the stability of this zone by earth element.Since west is equated to the storm ;so to protect the practical life it is necessary to control the storm of the west zone.
Storm can be controlled by a powerful earth element which should be raised above the ground ,so that it arrests the sinking streams of the setting sun.
Setting sun accelerate the streams of poisonous subatomic particles who have direct effect on the consciousness.It is said that these focused intense streams creat malignancy too.In a way these sinking streams are responsible to activate the fighting spirit in the occupants,which makes a difficult conditions in all deals of the life .So Jambhuka contains all these vices which are said in this article related to subatomic particles,setting sun,storm;fighting and deteriorating spirits,dark shadows and dark tantras too.All these attributes of the Jambhuka are because of different shades of Rahu -Saturn -Uranus ;which are the ruling planets of the west zone .
The seed deity of the west zone in vaastu purusha mandala is Mitra-which decides your relationship with world ;your behaviour as regards love-affection-attachment.When these Mitra divisions get disturbed due to the storm of the west ie Hyper excitation of the west vibrations,then it leads to all disturbances in the personal and the social life.
🌈Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe

🌺Sahasra-Mahavaastu 🌺17.Vikshep-Devata:
West due to its sinking nature many times leads to depression in the occupants,if there are faults .Specifically the fault of the viprit antaral plays important role in the disturbance in the psyche.
Viprit antaral has forceful energy that starts streaming from west to east ;which leads to total disturbance in the axis of prana .This leads to weak state of prana creating many voids ,which are ruled by Rahu.Weak state of prana creat the cosmic darkness which is ruled by Saturn .Unevenness and eccentric voids contain the vibrations of the Uranus.All these three planets when get clubbed together they lead to disappointment-disagreement and deterioration in the life.These 3Ds is the cause of the forth D ie depression.
Jambhuka contains all these vices of distortion of these three planets,which swallows the ocean of prana ie Sun everyday and the ocean of tranquility ie Moon ;every month.
Where there are voids there happens the hyper activity of the storm.Where there is depression in the earth there happens the hyper movement of the wind ie storm.Where there are deep waters there happens the possibility of the frequent storms.So Jambhuka represents the voids-deep sea-depressions;Hence when west contains these three characters ,the hyper activation of the Jambhuka corrupts the Vaastu Purusha Mandala.Jambhuka is the source of the negative energy so it strokes the Putana by its anti-clockwise streaming.So force of the Jambhuka can destabilise the earth element of the southwest zone leading to disturbance in the master bedroom too.
🌈Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe

🌺Sahasra-Mahavaastu 🌺18.Vikshep-Devata:
Northwest is sister direction of north and as well of west.As north is equated as the water element with prosperity and west is equated to the sinking storm characters ,so the northwest can adapt these two things together if there are severe faults.
As west to northwest is on clockwise path ,there can not be any effect of the Jambhuka on the northwest zone ,but the Vikshep deity of north can affect the status of the northwest zone.
Harmony is the virtue of the northwest direction.Protective shield to your daughter due to the Rudra-Rudrajay deities is the virtue of this zone .Rudra is the Ang devta of this zone and this deity has immense importance in this yuga-period.
Breeze of the wind-lustre of the moon-tranquility of the piano are connected to this zone ,if there are no faults .So If faults lies in this zone then it may creat the voids due to absence of the wind,darkness like no moon night and a broken music instrument.
The Vikshep deity of the northwest is Paap Rakshasi.The word paap connects you to the cycle of birth and death .The fifth house in birth chart also falls in the northwest zone and is connected to past deeds.
So any improvement in this zone that gives right vibrations is the solution on the path of karma.Keeping the Vikshep deity Paap Rakshasi away means the improvement on the path of right religious life as the northwest is the prathameshtika of the positive energy on the Chakra of the directions.Southeast is prathameshtika while the start of any construction activity.
🌈Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe

🌺Sahasra-Mahavaastu 🌺19.Vikshep-Devata:
Kitchen to northwest zone excites the vibrations of the Vikshep deity Paaprakshasi and creates the multiple problems in the life of unmanned daughters.Many times this situation disturbs the rhythm of this zone leading to defamation due to the behaviour of the daughters.
Extended northwest gives more space element which disturbs the Rog and Naag deities leading again a strength to the Paap Rakshasi .Such houses are theft prone.
Northwest cut disturbs the the mandalacar streaming leading to many poisonous arrows and anti-clockwise loops of the energy.
Late marriages of daughters is related to the northwest faults .If soothing sound is the virtue of this direction then noise is created by the Vikshep deity paap rakshasi .Noise does not have sacred geometry of the waves and energy;that's why it is termed as noise and not the sound .The waves created by the Paap Rakshasi are like that which do not support the sacred geometry of forces and energy.
Rog and Naag are the main active deities through whome the disturbance of this zone happens .If the central deity is strong enough then it forces the Aavaran deities to creat the mandalacar streaming around and keeps the Paap Rakshasi away from the vaastu Kshetra .
The complementary zone southeast of the northwest is more active and intense zone ,so any intense fault in the southeast zone is also responsible to activate the Paap Rakshasi .
🌈Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe

🌺Sahasra-Mahavaastu 🌺20.Vikshep-Devata:
North zone equated to the water element and acts as the source direction of organic streams.Any disturbance created to this streaming is the activity of the Vikshep devata of this zone namely Pilipinj .
If any pollution or weakening happens to the basic element then it is the activity of the Vikshep deity.Emergence of the vibrations of the Vikshep devta happens when the Ang devta of that zone looses the strength.Many times faults creat the break-discontinuity in the ring of the Aavaran devtas and this break activate the negative vibrations of the Vikshep devata.
Since this zone contains deities like Soma -Bhudhar;the water element of the north zone is equated to the prosperity.So any house devoid of the prosperity is targeted by the pilipinj or in that house there may be Hyper activation of the vibrations of the Vikshep devata.
North zone means the left breath means this zone represents the women -mother in the house.Astrologically too the forth house ie north zone represents the mother.So houses were mother suffers might be having hyper activation of the Vikshep devata Pilipinj .
North zone means Rasa dhatu ie hormones in the body .North zone means the organics of the mind .North zone means heart -lungs-breast in the ladies .Normally staircases-Toilets in this zone makes the water polluted and weak ,which may lead to weakening of above organs;in case of ladies ;it may lead to breast cancer and allergies .Any fault in this zone by toilets-septic tanks -less site margins-heaviness -kitchen-stcases activate the vibrations of the Pilipinj leading to disturbance in the practical life of the occupants.
🌈Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe

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