Vaastu Interior

🌺Sahasra-Mahavaastu 🌺
🌈Vaastu-Interior 🌈
Such forms with white marble or onex stones with a live flame at centre creat the wonderful play of shadows-light-transparent travel of light-polarisation of the energy due to basic stone character changes the quality of the surroundings.
The basic symbol lotus has divine connectivity to Zen Buddhism and in traditional Hindu scriptures too.Lotus in hands of lord Vishnu assures the prosperity and the tranquility.The lotus is the birth place of the Lord Brahma ,which is central deity in the vaastu Shastra .
Every material has its unique rhythm which makes it of special virtues.Each material due to its colour-contents-quality gets classified as it's connectivity to elements and directions;which have divine importance in the vaastu Shastra .Similarly each form gets classified on its symmetry and material ,which are carrier of cosmic energy,so have a deep use in vaastu shastra.
If such lotus form of onyx or white marble along with a candle at the centre is kept in the northeast zone then this assembly signifies the unification of the deity Shikhi and the Aap-Aap Vatsa of the same zone ,that enhances the positive cosmic energy of the most important northeast zone .
Any house with low energy can be treated by such articles .If east prana is weak then keep it in east zone by adding red coral Ganesha at the centre and provide flames of pure cow ghee in the surroundings of that lotus .If north organic streams are weak then keep such lotus form in a small water body along with some crystals and pearls in it .
So particularly to enhance the vibrations of the north-northeast-east zone such lotus assembly made in onyx or white marble is becomes a divine article for that zone .
🌈Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe

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