Haunted house

31.Since on the north south axis there lies Soma and Yama deities ; this axis has immense importance in the paranormal activity in the houses.
Whenever there lies polluted north by toilets-septik tanks it acts like the conjunction of Rahu and moon . If simultaneously there lies aggressive attack of south energy then in that house ; there are chances of the paranormal activity that may lead to victimisation of the man by accident and sacrifice of the women by some disease.
If houses checked from this aspect ; one finds such symptoms.
32.Astrology becomes a guiding factor many times in the Vaastu ; as predictions is the purpose of it. Where as destiny management by remedies becomes the purpose of vaastu as its related to the corrections.Activation of the spirits happens through the mind like the conjunction of the moon and Rahu or Saturn and moon in the birthchart. So whenever aggression of the southern forces happen on the property then it contracts the deity Soma ; which is like the conjunction of the moon and Saturn.

33. If the house- office - factory becomes the container of the unfulfilled desires , then one should understand that the house is shadowed by the Vikshep Deities which are the assembly of the many past jeeva who had premature deaths and incomplete life.Due to predominance of these corrupt thirsty consciousness ringing in that house keeps repeating the typical cycle of events in each generation.
For example if one generation has early death if the mother then in next generation the girl in the house looses husband and stays back to father's house . Or the daughter in law in that house gets attacked by psychological disorders.

34.So far as we know that physical body of the person is basically of the earth element; so all sensuous pleasures and to enjoy them the required strength are the expressions of the earth ; which can be named as the earth luck.As the muladhara chakra is classified for the earth element contains the subtle forms of all desires.Till death if this earth energy does not ascend to the ether form then that Jeeva travels back to the earth and till the next birth remains as the unfulfilled desire.

35. These unfulfilled desires find their negative expression whenever the fault lies in the earth element of any house. Rather wherever there lies weak earth element in the Vaastu these desires imprint their vortex of violence; that catches fire of the occupants. That's why in the vaastushastra the powerful and sacred earth element to the Muladhara zone ie in the Vaastu Nabhi ritual is established to negate all such negative jeevas. Rather these jeevas get absorbed in to this sacred powerful earth element.

36. Your janm Nakshatra is the bridge between your past birth and this birth. Cycle of karma that broke in the last birth continues in this birth ; that is visible through the janm dasha.The placement of the dashadhipati in the chart is indicative of your connections of the last birth. If that placement is not good then you need to do some karmik repay to that past birth relation.In the house , even in your bedroom you will see the fault in the direction suggested by that planet. This is termed as the Ghat- Bimb-Siddhant.

37. If the echo of that disturbed relationship of past birth comes from the direction suggested by the janm nakshatra; then tranquillising that unknown residue and its bad effects in this life ; do the ritual related to that direction and place the helix-lingam-mantraBeej plate under the floor to that zone .
Moment this correction is done with proper ritual-chants-muhurtha then slowly one starts getting good results from the aspiration of that direction.
The echo means any pain or discrepancy related to that aspiration gets experienced by the occupant.

38. In one house there was a dvishala that opens to the west- northwest . The rich lady of the house used to get the feel of the spirit as the goddess and she was quite popular in society to tell remedies on their family problems. She used to tell accurate past in that hypnotic state of the spirit. Whenever the attack of Rog- Naag-Asur happens on the house ; it creates all such hallucinations particularly in ladies.

39. In the same house when the lady entered in the Rahu dasha ; all of a sudden that goddess hallucinations vanished and the lady started talking in a rough male voice with many demands of meat - country liquor with details of his death from Goa state of India with some address and dates too. When it was checked by the relatives; surprisingly they found some reality in that case . Whatever loudly that male voice telling was fifty percents quite reliable .

40. On the demand of the spirit certain things asked were given by those people. Guru Charitra Path was performed thrice by some priests . The conditions of the lady were horrible during those chants .At the end of these three times reading of that divine book that lady got relaxed somewhat from that ghost.But in that male voice he said that in coming three months the lady will die. It happened like that as lady got targeted by cancer .It was a very unusual horrific experience to all the people over there.

41. In that house north was closed as was the common wall between two houses. East was also closed due to the adjoining other building. Toilets were in the southeast zone . South was also closed . Entire flux for this dvishala was from west- northwest and to the extended southwest zone there was little north flux but from the courtyard of the northwest zone. It was East- South Dvishala. In such situations obviously the attack of Saturn and Rahu vibrations on the mercury and Venus disturbs the psyche of ladies .

42. In the same house one son of that lady was lunatic and dumb who died at the age of forty .Such thing happens when the axis of wind and fire gets disturbed. Particularly genetic problems are related to Rahu and this particular situation reflects the Pitru Dosha too.
Any house which has Pitru dosha is normally a partially haunted house where the souls ie jeevas after the death get clogged in the voids of the Rahu .
And that shadow of the Rahu ; whenever transit planets become weak gives pain- sorrow- torture to the occupants. This type of pain is because of paranormal orbit ; is never get understood and often gets confused.

43. The corrupt vibrations of Rahu are related to the southwest and west zone . So whenever fault lies in these two zones then there lies the situation of the haunted paranormal activities. Till the streaming of the east and the north vibrations exists the experiential paranormal activities do not get expressed at physical gross level.But generation by generation similar ill events keep happening in that family ; which is the reflection of the subtle effects of paranormal activities only.
For this understanding one has to note the family history and the complaints of the occupants and should confirm that from birth charts too.

44. Each zone of the house is connected to some emotional state as southeast to the son-northwest to the daughter -south to the father-north to the mother . So any fault lies in the zone has first effect on the related person of the family. Fault in that zone means some gaps-breaks-voids in that zone which is devoid of the prana .These gaps-breaks-voids are ruled by the distorted consciousness.When the house as a one whole holistic consciousness gets disturbed due to breaks in the mandalacar streaming of the prana then those breaks are occupied by the Vikshep deities ; which create problems in the life.

45. Normally the premature deaths of girls and boys signifies the discontinuity in the forward path of desires and ambitions. The girls are related to the northwest zone and boys indicate the southeast zone. In case of world wide known cases of haunted houses it's reflection can be observed in the severe faults in the northwest and southeast zones with support of secondary faults in the south and west directions.
Either southeast with weak earth and south with channelised intense arrows of the energy are the common faults yet observed .

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