Haunted house

16. Trees are living entities with deep down roots in the soil. Roots of trees spread deep under the soil and suck the minerals from soil .Wood unless burnt becomes a sucker of soil and when burnt becomes the ash that is form of soil .This is the reason that trees should not overshadow the house and may create the Vedha ie obstruction in the aura of tha house as they disturb the quality of the surrounding soil.
Cracks created by these roots in the homogeneous rhythm and continuum of the soil becomes the connectivity to the Patala ; which is home of entities ie yonis like Asuras-Nagas-Spirits .
Normally haunted houses are surrounded in very close vicinity by such huge old trees.

17. In all haunted houses the play is of shadows and forming of pressure on psyche.
As experienced and treated by Ed and Lorraine Warren they have gone through active- dynamic- destructive forces of spirits in their life time work on this subject.
Probably when some active doctor indulges in such cases then these spirits become hyper active and violent.
If the form is broke or changed by ground slopes- establishing some divine articles under the soil-removal of trees it will change the scenario without any tantrik treatments.

18. When the whole existence is cosmic consciousness ; and the cosmic equations change then the expression of that divinity gets a turn to negativity.
Surroundings is the key to create positive cosmic equations where the divine reflections of the totality are enjoyed .
When the surrounding gets encroached by asymmetries- non sacred forms- shadows of living entities like trees then the true sacredness of THAT leaves that environment leading to multiple voids.
These voids are nothing but dwellings of entities like Asuras- Kinnaras-Ganas-spirits.

19. In traditional vaastushastra there lies great importance to the rules related to trees and the Chitrakarma ie paintings and sculptures.Certain trees are sacred but even their shadows are not allowed on the house. Certain pictures or sculptures may be very costly but if they reflect any type of violence or asymmetries then they are not allowed in the house as they carry the negativity . Even only certain organic pastes are allowed for these art works .As in south India it is customary to use rice paste for everyday art work done in front of the main door.Rice grains are used as invitation to divine deities in all the rituals .

20. Many times effects of the Vikshep deities get reflected through such paranormal activities of different entities .In the modern people such problems are stamped as psychological diseases but it's the effect of the faulty surroundings which captures and corrupts the mind.
Whenever the prana is not in proper streams it disturbs the aura of the house which shifts the placement of the matrix of deities.
Such shifts automatically disturb the sequence of the planets- deities- elements. This torque in the elements create the imbalance in the four pillars of consciousness namely ego-mind-desire-intelligence.This situation reflects as the absurdities in the behaviour.

21. Each deity in the vaastu purusha mandala is a nucleus of one type of energy-virtue-element-thought-consciousness.
Whenever there lies a fault in the Vaastu means these five things connected to that nucleus termed as deity gets disturbed .This disturb nucleus gathers its own energy by connecting itself to the Vikshep deities. These Vikshep deities are nothing but the distorted consciousness- spirits-desires-jeevas . That is how the house gets transformed in the haunted house.

22. Every place is a combination of the positrons-ions-subatomic negative particles. As per the expression of the surroundings that pattern of energy emerges and creates effects to the occupants .So minimising the faults n the house and creating a positive blissful environment is the purpose of the Shastra.
So the desires-spirits-entities get automatically nullified due to this clockwise streaming of the positrons.
The role of the plants in the surroundings is related to this theory as this sequence of the directions and plants keep absorbing the negative currents of the spirits-intense desires-entities.That's why in the traditional sutras it is said that avoid the shadows of the plant ; even if it's giving gold.

23. For example
If the south is sloping at ground level ie if south signifies the weak earth element then there are two types of forces in the action and form a battle ; so that environment welcomes that type of desires-jeevas-spirits .It starts victimising and adding strength to their evility.
In the south zone below the earth lies the house of Saturn and above the earth lies the ruling and command of the Mars ; where both are the powerful enemies. So when there lies weak earth to south ;mixing of these two enemy vibrations happen and virtually the battle begins ; in which the occupants get victimised.

24. The south matrix of deities contains yama -gandharva-vivasvan as three deities related to death and related to the plateform that lies beyond the physical realistic platform.
Whenever fault lies in south zone then the experiences beyond the physical plane are faced by the occupants.The vibrations of the south contains the vibrations of the Sun-Moon-Mars as the constellations of these planets are ruled by the 2-6-10 signs.
So when the fault lies in south then it forms the cosmic darkness due to the disturbance in the vibes of Sun and Moon stars.On this plane of cosmic darkness the play of unfulfilled desires-spirits-jeevas-entities begin and disturb the life of occupants.

25. Where there lies Viprit Antaral there happens emergence of such paranormal activities due to connectivity to the Saturn and Rahu vibrations.
Many times such viprit antaral experience happens in case of extensions-terraces-slopes to the sink directions. In many projects the work remains dilapidated and connected people just die before the completion of their life time work .At all such places it is the play of the Viprit Antaral that excites the spirits -Jeevas-unfulfilled desires in the form of subtle bodies.

26. Any action is just the external expression of the thought- desire-anger. But the formation of these three things is the response given by the consciousness which is divided in the five great elements. Five great elements are connected to the six directions means to the total surrounding. So when surrounding is not balanced then all types of absurdities enter the consciousness and these absurdities are the real culprit to the wrong actions. So improve the surroundings to get the right action.

27. With this reference; it is customary to face north or east while chanting- worships-rituals so one gets connected to the silver cloud of the angels-deities-Saints .Where as the Shraddh Karma ie paying homage to the ancestors one is supposed to face the west or south ; more specifically south. The grain used for saints and god is rice grain which is connected to the moon and as the invitation to all auspicious deities . Where as for the Shraddha ie for pitaras ie ancestors ; black and white sesame grain is used which is connected to the Saturn and Rahu.

28. In vaastu purusha mandala it's reflection can be seen in the matrix of deities . To the north is Bhudhar ie Lord Vishnu who is connected to the order of the life . To the east is Aryama and Aaditya who are connected to the prana of all living and even non living gross world .Where as the deity Vivasvan-Yama-Asura Gandharva are the deities connected to the Patalas or to the death.
So the faults of south and west connects the house to the spirits- pitaras-jeevas-unfulfilled desires ie to Bhu and Bhuva loka . North and east connects to the Svah and Maharloka.

29.The distribution of the prana through buildings-houses-offices-bedrooms ie through physical form varies according to the geometry of those spaces. Along with this the tides of energy keep varying as per the transits of the planets and their effects through Nakshatras . Certain houses due to the voids are devoid of prana due to some intense external forces or due to non sacred geometry. In such houses the demonic experiences are noted in many casestudies. One can refer to the cases handled by the Ed and Warren on net.

30.The main core of vaastushastra is focused on the matrix of the deities , but the word Devta means that life force which protects you .Div means life force and Ta means protection .Being termed as devta it holds the body and the energy in a positive confluence ie earth and ether together ; but in a subtle form. Like Tejas dravyam means formulation of the Tejas ie energy and dravyam means particle.
The perfect expression of the devta leads us to right path of peace- prosperity-progress . Where as the imperfect expression leads to pain-torture-sorrow.

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