Haunted Houses

*Haunted houses*
1. All those houses where accidents happen very often are tagged as the haunted houses .This happens because vaastu faults are faults in the shield of the consciousness and when this shield gets tore then the consciousness looses its quality of focusing on the present moment .This loss of quality of consciousness creates the disparity in the thought and the action ; which leads to the accidents mostly .

2. The modern so called scientific and logical mind does not believe in the existence of the consciousness that lies beyond the known faculties of the self .These faculties which are beyond the realm of the known part of the self are dealt by Shastras like Astrology-Vaastu-Tantras-occult powers and many experiences in the each person's life.

3. Particularly in the field of Tantra the mentions of Bhairavas-Rudras-Kinnaras-Gandharvas -Ganas of Shiva -Daityas-Asuras signify many other yonis or part of the whole consciousness ie the ocean of the Chetana .In the philosophy the whole movement is categorised in the positive ans the negative as two poles.In occult streams it is connected to the Niyati and Niti ; where Niti is clubbed to the deeds ie karma ie to Kaal Chakra.

4. Waves of energy signify the mandalas and vortex of energy indicate the voids. Mandalas are connected to the Aaditya-Soma-Isha-Brahma .Vortex and voids are connected to the Bhrusha-Yama-Nirhut-Pitru-Asuras. Mandalas create the abodes of auspicious deities and vortex and voids are occupied and encroached by the negative powers which are the activities of the past tense ie spirits and Patalas.

5. In the modern world psychic diseases and psychic neurosis have become very popular words due to the working hours do not match to the Sun Travel. This means person's routine and the naadi streaming as mentioned in the yogshastra do not go in the right sequence . In the vaastu terminology it is said that it's all because of the Viprit-Sour-Sandarbha ie distorted relationship to the Sun and its seeds in the human body as the Surya Tatva.

6. So far the relationship with Sun is good the shadows on moon do not grow .It means the streaming and adhering the consciousness to the prana is necessary.Vaastu Purusha-Mandala contains all expressions of the Sun in the different forms of deities.So each deity out of forty five deities signifies the pattern of the prana ; induced as the nucleus of that shade of the prana and termed by a specific name and division of the deity.So various chidvastus and their correlation to the emergence of that form of the energy is explained in the Up Peeth Rachana.

7. The form of the Sun and the pattern of the energy emitted depends on the directions. When these forms of sink directions start emitting energy then moon goes in dark shadows which cuts the channel that provides continuous prana to the mind. In such cases the reversal of the forces depress the moon due to the counterclockwise multiple loops of the stress reversals.Intense Sun and depressed moon is the main cause of experience of all types of shadows and losses in the life.

8. There is placement of deities in human body and it's excitation is done by many mantrabeeja with chanting in Madhyama and with specific stroke of the breath.Classically this is done as the prerequisite to any ritual for purification of the consciousness by vibrations-waves-sound-light. Vibrant mind-mandalacar waves-bell sound-light pure ghee lamps and facing north or east is the primary need to purify the self and the surroundings both . This ritual is termed as the Nyasa. Beej mantras used are related to the deity that is worshiped in that ritual.

9. The placement of deities lies in the surroundings with reference to the directions.But their nature and form is infinite and beyond the scope of human orbit .Their positive expression in the house depends on the form of the house . If form of the house asymmetric then expression of these deities get distorted in the vaastu purush mandala.This displaced position of the deity is not able to form the sequence with the element and planet related to that direction.
And here the play of the dark shadows begin.

10. As in the ether form the elements are as follows in their subtle state as east contains fire element; south contains earth element; west contains wind element and north contains water element. This is signified by signs as Aries-Leo-Sagittarius as fire sign signify the east zone in the ether ; likewise for sequence of all other signs-elements and directions.If the form of the house is right then the same subtle elements emerge in a clockwise direction to Southeast with fire element,Southwest with earth element etc.
But if the form is wrong then these elements get displaced in the anti-clockwise pattern leading to the backward motion of the time ie the space gets vanished and voids are formed in the house ; which are expressions of Saturn and Rahu .

11. In the residences-offices-factories ; this paranormal existence is very often experienced by some sensitive people . Where as nonbelievers experience many types of complaints regarding moods-depression-physical ailments ; but are not able to connect them to the surroundings and the scenario due to very grounded material gross sense of logic ; to which they quote as the scientific approach.
There lie sound and light frequencies beyond the audible and visible ranges . These paranormal activities keep happening at that subtle level and keep distorting the subtle human faculties like ego-anger-sex-choiced inclinations- repetitive mechanical actions.

12.Many times in life time everybody experiences some type of behavioural anomaly . The words normally one may not use but get said loudly. A very quiet person at times shows intense anger ; actually which is not of his nature at all. Certain times a very enthusiastic person becomes utmost lazy ; actually when he is needed to be very active.All such phenomena are related to play of paranormal entities and encroachment of other spirit in your property ie in your personality.
In Bhagavad Geeta utmost importance is given to the word DAKSHA ie alertness . One who is alert in every moment will never experience such encroachments. But your self is related to the surroundings; which is the reflection of the vaastushastra.
Faults in certain directions create such situation of personality encroachments.

13 As the corners and sub directions contain five great elements and vibrations of these elements effect on the four pillars of consciousness; the play of vaastu is obviously a subtle and mysterious journey . There are thirty two deities on the outer perimeter define thirty two different dimensions of the mind . In yogshastra it is said that the mind has sixteen dimensions like sixteen kalas of the moon . So on the other side when moon dooms there are another sixteen states of mind which go on slowly effecting the moon. Similarly these thirty two divisions have differential effects on the mind .

14. Where the soil gets disturbed there the soul too gets fragmented ; because the disturbance in the soil disturb the total Vaastu Purusha mandala . Soul is related to the Brahmsthan in the vaastu and other four pillars of consciousness are set by the four corners of the sub directions. Emergence of elements happens from ether in general but in vaastushastra Soil bring the actual medium of all interpretations ; in Vaastu this emergence of elements happens through Soil ie earth element.
That's why most of the cases of haunted houses have basements where the soil continuum is disturbed , all over.

15. As has been observed in the case studies that the basements are taken more on the sink directions ; which has laid to the weak earth to the negative energy zone.When any fault gets reflected in any zone then automatically it creates some fault in the opposite complementary directions . The elements in the opposite directions are normally in the enemy mode to each other. They create either total removal of the other element or intensify it to ultimate maximum form. Not just imbalance but it creates the havoc and unsolvable tie of those two elements.
Such conditions become favourable to house the departed souls who have unfulfilled immoral desires and violent emotions.

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