33. In factory construction; the most important rule is to make the construction in the south-southwest-west zones. Along with this second important note is that firmer construction of Rcc work should be in the south-southwest-west with extension in roofing as the "lean to roof pattern " should be to north-northeast-east zones. So that it leads to spaces to the source directions and the heavy loads to the sink directions. In such cases the energy in the factory goes on enhancing .Creativity and productivity becomes excellent. One such factory can give birth to 2/3 more factories in few years due to outstanding profits and advantages .
A perfect vaastu leads to some more similar units in the best locations ; and that to in a short period . That's the miraculous success which one perfect Vaastu can do.
In this example the firmer Rcc construction is in the east zone so the west site margin is unlimited . This reduces the east vibrations and attack of western sinking waves makes the huge loans in the business. As there lies good site margin to north ; this person has lot of opportunities and possibilities to earn due to heavy work load. But the depressions to the southeast leads to the weak fire element that reduces the energy content which gives productivity. Hyper excitation of the northwest spreads the vibrations of deities like Shosh-Paapyakshma-Rog that slows down the production due to labour problems. A torque of fire and wind due to faults in the northwest -southeast diagonal spoils the environment by idleness-differences-disputes.
Raised plinths to northeast-east absorbs the streaming of positrons which have strength to create the prosperity. Hyper excitation of the west zone plays disagreement in the every walk of the life.
In the traditional language *Nirbal Pruthvitatva * to the source directions ie to the *northwest-north-northeast -east * directions and * Prabal pruthvitatva * to the sink directions ie to *south-southwest-west * directions; automatically makes the right sequence of the *Grah-Tatva-Devta-Disha-Urja * ie planets-elements-deities-directions-energy.

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