Advice and consulting

1) Astro-Advice:Send your horoscope and get a detail analysis of five great elements to remove the negative vibrations by chants-Vaastu-rituals-stones-herbs.
2) Vaastu Advice: Send your home and office plans and do the Vaastu corrections to attain the divine environment that nurtures the peace-prosperity-progress.
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3)Business Advice:Sequence of planets-elements-deities-directions-energy gives effortless success and a dynamic push.Know simple tricks of ancient wisdom to creat a rhythm in your daily routine to attain the synchronous behavior that removes friction-impedance-resistance.
4)Know your bio-cycles,personal rhythms and your secret mantras to enhance your energy.Cycles of hormones is the key to know your peaks and downfalls ;which are dependent on your four pillars of consciousness and the surrounding.So improve the relation of your inner being and the outer cosmos to attain the harmony and frequency.
5) Success is yours if your psyche is tuned to your surroundings and your inner being .Balancing of five great elements is the key to attain the positive confluence of personal breath and cosmic Prana.Know the art of connecting to free will and choice less awareness by integral analysis of Vaastu-Jyotish-Yoga.
Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe 

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