1) Place square iron helix to south to stabilize earth element and to absorb all negativities;so your opportunities in business and jobs are enhanced.It will protect you from premature death and accidents by reducing the power of deity Yama of vaastu Purush Mandala.Being square it creates the cosmic waves of earth element;which have immense power to stabilize any type of asymmetric energy forms and to accommodate the erratic vibrations of any other element.So regulating the cosmic field of energy is it's prime function.Due to helical form it transforms the surrounding energy in to helical small loops of positive energy that grasp the irregularities in the continuum of soil of that zone.Since iron is connected to the planet Saturn and south being the own house of Saturn by sign Capricorn;it enhances the power of Angdevta (seed deity) Vivasvan ;leading to absorption of currents of Unsatisfied souls and spirits in the surrounding.Hence this simple tool creat the sequence of element earth-planet Saturn-direction south-energy helical-deity vivasvan.

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