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13/11/16, 11:15:19 AM: Narendra: 9) As said by Great Mayan that this central point called Brahmbindu ;which is in the continuous process of expansion and mandalacar form gives birth to vibrations of Aum-Pranav-Atom-primary atomic particles by it's divine motion and nature.Hence this point is called as Adimool-Adiparashakti-primal energy source.So every right form has formation of this bindu in it's skeleton and due to this bindu the regeneration of whole cosmic body happens.
13/11/16, 11:28:25 AM: Narendra: 10) Hence in oriental philosophy Lingam is considered as the basic form which is comprised of two centers ;signifying the Jeeva and Shiva.The jeevan is in the anti clockwise motion and forms the lower portion of the lingam.Shiva is in clockwise motion and forms the upper portion of the lingam.
In the perfect form of the house due to the ascending helical waves of energy there lies the possibility of unification of Jeeva and Shiva by positive confluence of their motions-speeds-alignment.The anti clockwise motions attach the entity to earth ie Bhuvah and clockwise motions attach the entity to the ether.So ascension of Jeeva is the purpose of vaastushastra as proposed by the Great Mayan.

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