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5)Sacred geometry means the perfect-symmetric position of the Brahm-Bindu .Brahm-Bindu is Primal manifest form of the unmanifest.In the formations with sacred geometry right relation of Brahmbindu and Mayakar-form of Maya;an effortless transformation of invisible matter to visible matter happens.This is the secret of form-future-fortune sequence.

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> 4) When the structures are based on the measurements of the Angula-Thala-Muzham with formulae of Ayadi Calculations then gross substance-Matter-Vaastu forms a positive relation to the subtle substance-Energy-Vastu.This positive relation of Vastu-Vaastu ie energy-matter ie Jeeva-Shiva leads to Tathastu;as quoted by Sri Sri Ravishankar as Vastu-Vaastu-Tathastu sequence.
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>> Vaastu designs:
>> 1) A perfect relation of your house and your Star is the purpose of Ayadhi-Gananam ,which leads to harmonious relation to the energy and gives excitation of right element in the consciousness.It creates positive resonance of wave forms and personal frequency.
>> 2) Each person is connected to specific Star by janm nakshatra concept;means his correlation with divine existence is defined by a specific wavelength;which is the short cut for his ascension.So when his star is matched with the Ayadhi calculation to his house ;his evolvement happens due to the kosha of positive energy that he needs.
>> 3)Form is connected to future due to the relation of subtle matter and gross matter ie Vastu-Vaastu relation.The primal energy particle termed as Adi is the link between the form and the future .Vaastushastra has formulated the system of measurement based on Angula which is related to the measure of primary atomic particle,the stated by Dr V Ganapati Sthapati.But still at subtle level forms are connected to specific element, so to specific wave form ;and crests independent effect on Time and Relation to the Nature.
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