08/03/17, 11:34:45 PM: N H Sahasrabuddhe: 1)Ayadi is a word formed by two words.Ayam means the length.Aadi means the original unaltered form of energy.Aadi means basic or base of energy which is in correlation to Aadinath shows connectivity to Shiva.In a way we can say that Aadi means Shakti .And Ayam means the form of Shakti .
2) The word Ayam means a distorted version of Aham.This point of view Ayaadhi Calculations indicate the base of personal Vaastu.Each person is comprised of a specific particular combination of Svabhav-Guna-Prakriti-Form.Hence his connectivity to the inner flowering is related to specific wave form of energy .
08/03/17, 11:39:11 PM: N H Sahasrabuddhe: 3) Such specific waveform and creation of compatible aura in the being and the surrounding is the real purpose of the oriental philosophy .For connecting the individual to the creative divine energy is done by balancing of the vibrations-waves-sound-light.This pathy of four parameters is the base of vaastu-yoga-Jyotish-sangit-aayurveda.

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